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In a virtual enterprise all processes that do not contribute to the competitive edge of the organization are outsourced. Driving this emerging business model, iGATE Global Solutions is the world's first integrated technology and operations company with a global services model. Annual revenues of NASDAQ listed iGATE are in excess of US$290 million. The company offers a complete range of high-ROI business solutions spanning the consulting, technology, operations and process outsourcing value chain. iGATE Global Solutions has delivery centers in US, UK, Canada, China, Malaysia and India.


You won't find any bored iGATORs. You will find friendly colleagues, approachable management, fascinating projects, and the opportunity to make life better for tens of millions of people every day. We work on challenging, real-world problems like ensuring customers get the best insurance coverage, or your bills get paid faster, or delivering instructions on how to use a brand-new DVD player over the telephone. We're constantly pushing the limits of what can be outsourced as we build ever more efficient virtual enterprises. And that means bringing together multiple skillsets process, technology and communications, and a very varied bunch of people. Sure, we work hard, but we do our best to ensure that the work is fun. The pace is intense, but you feel in control of your future you know that you are shaping your career the way you want it to be.

We're looking for people with world-class skills in programming or process management or reengineering, and communicating with customers. Who are passionate about their work and want to be part of building a brand new business model the virtual enterprise. Who are tired of being an insignificant drop in the ocean. Do you thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments? Would you find it satisfying to develop innovative solutions that actually matter? If so, there are plenty of interesting projects waiting for you at iGATE Global Services.

To Apply For iGate, mail your updated resume to careers@igate. Com