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iNautix was established in Chennai in 2000 as a development center to provide IT solutions for the financial services industry. The facility is located in Tidel Park, sprawling across 118, 000 sq. Ft and built to International specifications.

Programs for recruitment and training are in place. An energized work environment is created with people hired from the best schools and leading IT companies.

Continuous training and development, both academic and role-based, create a resource pool of talent completely focused on delighting the customer. Direct vendor certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Lotus, IBM, and Sun Microsystems add to the technical depth. A hands-on leadership and metrics-based management give every individual a personal goal to pursue within the framework of the corporate focus.

Quality is a key driving force and CMM levels are on target. A clear commitment to take people, processes, technology, and strategy to peak levels of performance on an ongoing basis.

Why iNautix

The concept the company thrives on is the fact that, in a fast changing world, tactics and strategies need to shift to adapt almost instantaneously. Agile minds clued into the world of customers and beyond into the world of their clients.

iNautix is an organization that believes it's an extension of the client's organization enhancing its domain knowledge and technological expertise to constantly support the success of every customer.

The facilities at Chennai are excellent 750 associates can be accommodated across 118, 000 sq ft, built to international specifications. And 114 people can be trained simultaneously. And every associate is hired after a three-stage screening process to give every team member the comfort of knowing that the organization is wedded to excellence.

The company cares for the individual's aspirations to grow in alignment with corporate goals. The key advantage is the freedom to think and challenge existing concepts and offer new ways of development.

iNautix. It's the cradle that encourages the mind to explore newer pathways into the times ahead.

Continuous Learning

iNautix is a learning organization making knowledge and its management the cornerstone of corporate growth. This in turn powers individuals and their focus on education. Education that spans formal education through universities; role-based education, CBTs, e-learning, and more through an internal training school. A people management group plays the mentoring role encouraging team members to take their potential racing forward. The assessment and feedback is continuous so growth is continuous and based on appraisal that is dynamic and transparent.


iNautix believes the organization is driven by the philosophy that “all roads lead to the customer.” So as a customer centric organization the company is constantly focused on trends, emerging needs, new technologies, new areas of growth and more. This in turn leads to hiring people with vision. And fostering an environment of excellence. In terms of working with the world's finest customer's we deliver innovative solutions and delight in the sheer process of creating quality work. So internally and externally, by association of talented minds, the world of opportunities expand exponentially. There's no limit to where the mind can take you. And at iNautix there's freedom to choose your career path with the organization right behind your every effort.