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Once in while there comes along an idea that so profoundly impacts the lives of people that it is said to define an era.

Wireless telephony is one such.

Technology soothsayers are of the view that millennia from now the 21st century will be remembered as the Century of the Wireless.

Just think of it: Cellular connections in the world have raced to 1 billion in just a decade, and cellular users now outnumber fixed-line users in close to 100 countries.

India has leapfrogged into the wireless age.

It is perched on the ascendancy of a huge J curve that is estimated to cross the 100 million-subscriber mark by 2010.

Making cellular telephony one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in India.

Why Idea

! dea-the very name suggests innovation. Innovation, which comes from intelligence, talent, skills, involvement, hard work and continuous learning.

With the backing of Aditya Birla group, Tata group and the worlds largest telecom giant AT&T wireless, USA we at! dea believe in constantly evolving in a rapidly changing environment. We have people focused and performance oriented working teams. We provide exciting career opportunities, a challenging and cheerful work environment.

Our core strength lies in providing individual growth aligned with the corporate growth. We have fun based work, flexi-timing, flat organization structure and cohesive work groups.

At Idea you will have the job satisfaction, an opportunity to handle important responsibilities with high level of knowledge and skills enhancement.

So if you are a trendsetter and want to work with the cutting edge technology, processes and systems, your search ends here.