Information About Company: Infineon

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When pursuing the vision of developing solutions that change the world, we are well aware that our people are essential to our success. They are the ones who bring technology to life by asking questions that lead to ideas, which in turn enables us to make our vision become reality. It is their motivation, flexibility, and knowledge that provide the foundations for our organization's long-term success. At the same time, our responsibility is to provide our people with an environment that offers freedom, supports their needs, and allows such values as entrepreneurial thinking, team spirit, and creativity to be implemented.

‘Never stop thinking’ is the motto that governs everything we do, as our search for even better solutions will never end. We encourage our people's constant desire to think ahead by fully and effectively promoting their potentials.

General Information

We are a truly international company at home in a global market and working across borders to achieve the best. As a top-ten semiconductor company, we are currently in the top three positions in our target markets and a technological forerunner in emerging fields. Over 30, 000 employees approximately 5, 100 in research and development work closely together to create new technology to make everyday life easier for everyone. With 29 major research and development locations all around the world, we work on the technological challenges of tomorrow, motivated by our vision:

To create Semiconductor Solutions enabling the Technology Lifestyle of the Individual in the 21st Century

We develop highly innovative products and solutions to build up our technological leadership further and keep us at the forefront of our business. In a market characterized by strong global competition and high dynamics, our employees are key to the success of our company: As one of the leading companies in the semiconductor industry, we depend to a large extent on the know how of our employees.

Overall, we look for people who possess the dynamic, ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes who we are:

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits as a key success driver in Human Resources, develops and implements income systems and benefit programs supporting our strategic HR approach stated in the Infineon mission:

We create and maximize value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.

We attract and retain the best talents world-wide by offering them a challenging and creative environment, a unique corporate culture as well as world-class rewards.

At Infineon we offer outstanding compensation and benefits packages to best meet employees expectations in a global and competitive market. Therefore, we take into account and value principles such as confidence, self-responsibility and fairness. As a consequence, we highly regard employees who are entrepreneurial and performance orientated by providing liability and excellent rewards for outstanding performance and results.

We provide a wide range of income benefits such as

  • competitive base salary
  • success oriented variable pay
  • stock option and stock purchase plans

comprehensive benefits exceeding government authorized plans such as pension schemes (e. g. Pension agreements, deferred compensation), insurance (e. g. Life, disability, business travel accidents), employee loans as well as discounted meals.

Above all, Infineon offers a variety of interesting and attractive compensation and benefits schemes