Information About Company: Infotech

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Infotech is a leading IT solutions provider with expertise in GIS, Engineering & Embedded Systems. A global organization with it's corporate office based in Hyderabad, India and subsidiary offices in UK, Germany and US, Infotech offers innovative solutions to the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Government, Utilities & Telecoms markets worldwide.

We are always keen to recruit motivated and talented people to help keep us at the top of our industry. Infotech practises and supports a policy of employing people irrespective of gender, nationality, religion or creed. We also adhere to the principle of equal work of equal value without gender distinction.

We pride ourselves on having an enviable pool of extremely gifted staff from many different backgrounds around the world and recognise that each individual contributes to our overall success. We encourage personal responsibility, commitment and cooperation-for the benefit of our company and our customers.

Our staff have the opportunity to develop and expand their skills through both internal and external training courses, subject to the needs of the business-we want our staff to achieve their ambitions.

Our People, Our Strength

The dictionary defines the word “associate” as a friend, partner or ally. Since it is our strong belief that the members of our workforce work with us, and not for us, we use the term ‘associates’ to refer to them and realize that we derive competitive edge only through our people.

We describe ourselves as a company with an entrepreneurial heart and soul.

We have people of every age, background, and culture and all of them thrive & contribute at Infotech. Respecting differences is an integral part of our culture and a key element for our success. We know that to achieve business excellence, decisions must be based on broader perspectives and contributions from the widest range of enthusiastic associates.

To describe a feeling-vitality and energy that flows across the organization, a place where people are encouraged to voice new ideas, views-is pretty difficult. You gotta be here to feel it and enjoy it. We love good ideas, and help people discover the right career paths.

We realize that when we want our associates to be “People with Open Minds” -We need to create an environment that lends itself to freer thinking and, therefore, creative problem-solving. We encourage time out for walks around the facility, or for a quick fire ping-pong game or taking in some refreshments to satisfy the thirst.

However, the best part of all is the diversity of jobs that we provide. You're guaranteed not to get bored. You could design models, interfaces, software, or Web sites. You could write code or provide technical support. You could manage product development teams or technical groups.

At Infotech, hierarchy levels are minimal, with an open-door policy that facilitates the free-flow of ideas while fostering an equitable and informal work environment. Every associate is empowered optimally to make and implement independent decisions in his or her domain of responsibility; in-house training programs and workshops ensure that you are abreast of the latest developments in your chosen domain of expertise.

We also recognize that our associates have lives beyond work-whether they are parents with multiple responsibilities or bachelors that party & play into the wee hours of the morning. To satisfy those socialization needs we have picnics, parties, sports meets and competitions-All year long.