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If you answered “yes” to these three questions, then you are correct in considering MindTree Consulting, as your partner in growth.

Our clients are leaders in their respective industries and they are always looking for a competitive edge, so we are looking for individuals well-versed in the leading technologies and who share our DNA of “Imagination, Action, and Joy.”

Learning and Development

All MindTree minds are trained through our Competency and Culture (C2) Development initiative, which focuses on employee-centric learning initiatives aligned to business goals and customer needs. Currently, the C2 initiative offers more than 150 courses globally for people with differing levels of proficiency in a given subject. These courses include training programs for project managers, developers, business analysts, QA analysts, etc.

Since customer needs change dynamically, we have multiple and diverse channels of learning. Typical channels through which employees are trained at MindTree include:

Technical workshops that focus on a hands-on introduction to tools, methodologies, platforms, or technologies.

Communities and study groups that meet regularly with a fixed agenda and who are engaged in focused and collective learning

Classroom learning programs that are instructor led and conducted by internal or outsourced faculty. We have state-of-the-art classroom facilities in our Bangalore development center

Video-based and e-Learning mechanisms that are useful when the learning topic is time-tested and global

MindTree has a comprehensive new employee orientation program for all MindTree Minds that aims at assimilating them into MindTree's vision, values, methodologies, and practices. In this program, we discuss our processes, our values and beliefs, and the professional traits that we expect all MindTree employees to live up to. This ensures we function as one integrated team rather than as islands of individual excellence.

In addition, we have programs like “Captain Your Ship” that focus on personal leadership traits such as ownership, building relationships and an attitude of continuous learning.

The diversity of learning systems necessitates flexible yet meaningful processes that align content to business needs and measure the effectiveness and relevance of programs. A learning management system, Learning Bee, built on our intranet, is the focal point of all learning activity within MindTree, encompassing all processes from registration to feedback on quality. Learning Bee is also the one-stop hub for learning related resources, expertise, and discussions.

Since much learning results from free sharing of knowledge, the learning initiatives at MindTree are based on a culture of knowledge sharing and dissemination. We essentially define three levels of learners: Foundation learner (led by an instructor or mentor), an independent learner (self led, focused on knowledge sharing), and expert learner (focused on learning by dissemination). Transition through these stages forms a self-sustaining learning culture within MindTree.

The technology marketplace is always churning new technologies and methodologies. We identify emerging technologies and methodologies through diligent partner programs which we then adopt using a combination of skill acquisition, skill partnering, and re-skilling.

Skill Acquisition

Understand emerging skills and progressively work towards capturing the skill database in the given market

Understand the market requirements (cost and investment structures) in the new technology area and then pro-actively to market with talent acquisition strategies

Reduce the time to acquire skills from the market by putting in select panels for discussions

Skill Partnering

Work with partners who are in the business of partnering resources

Work with training and placement institutes who can make skills available on short notice


Proactively identify people and re-skill them