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Motorola, Inc. Is a global leader in wireless, broadband and automotive communications technologies and embedded electronic products.


Handsets: We are one of the world's leading providers of wireless handsets, which transmit and receive voice, text, images and other forms of information and communication.

Wireless Networks: We also develop, manufacture and market public and enterprise wireless infrastructure communications systems, including hardware, software and services.

Mission-Critical Information Systems: In addition, we are a leading provider of customized, mission-critical radio communications and information systems.


We are a global leader in developing and deploying end-to-end digital broadband entertainment, communication and information systems for the home and for the office. Motorola broadband technology enables network operators and retailers to deliver products and services that connect consumers to what they want, when they want it.


We are the world's market leader in embedded telematics systems that enable automated roadside assistance, navigation and advanced safety features for automobiles. Motorola also provides integrated electronics for the powertrain, chassis, sensors and interior controls.


As a recognized global technology leader with 75 years of innovation in our portfolio, our vision is clear____

To harness the power of wireless, broadband and the internet to deliver embedded chip, system level, and end to end network communication solutions for the individual, work team, vehicle and home.

Motorola is more than our product portfolio:

  • software enhanced wireless phones and messaging
  • two way radio products and systems
  • networking and internet access products
  • end to end broadband solutions
  • embedded semiconductor solutions
  • integrated electronic systems

It's the outstanding efforts of our people____Motorolans

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