Information About Company: Rolta

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Rolta is a multinational organization headquartered in India, with subsidiaries around the world and is well equipped to provide IT services in Engineering and Internet environments. By judiciously combining resources from Rolta's facilities in USA, Europe, Middle-East, Asia-Pacific and India, Rolta is able to cost effectively meet customer expectations in the global marketplace.

Rolta enjoys more than 70 per cent share of the GeoSpatial market (applications like Photogrammetric Mapping, Aerial Triangulation, Digital Terrain Modelling, Orthophoto creation, Image Interpretation etc.) in India. Having recognized Rolta as the leader in GeoSpatial Technology in the country, the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India has signed an agreement with the company to set up a planetarium and museum, showcasing this technology. This agreement is also a platform for Rolta to partner with Survey of India (SOI) to provide value added digital map data (like large-scale urban mapping, to be used by the telecom sector and other utilities). This will enable Rolta to provide specialized services towards building the nation's infrastructure.

Rolta also continues to be rated amongst the leading Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AM/FM) software conversion service providers in the world.

In the Engineering domain, Rolta enjoys more than 80 per cent market share of the Plant Design Automation (PDA) segment in India.

Rolta has entered into a strategic partnership with Stone & Webster, Inc. USA one of the world's foremost engineering-construction companies, to provide high-quality cost-effective engineering, design and procurement services, related to power, refinery and petrochemical projects, worldwide. This partnership is envisioned to evolve into an independent full service engineering and procurement operation, pursuing large contract business in India and elsewhere in the world. The customers faith in Rolta's capability and competency is not only reflected in the market share but also on the mindshare.

Rolta's share of the market is more than a statistic. It is an indicator of the quality of Rolta's trusting relationship with its customers and an effective guarantor of prospective repeat business.

As a result, pioneering at Rolta simply means gaining leadership through customer confidence and faith.