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Satyam Computer Services Ltd (NYSE: “SAY” ). is a leading global consulting and IT services company, offering a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key verticals and horizontals. From strategy consulting right through to implementing IT solutions for customers, Satyam straddles the entire IT space. It has excellent domain competencies in verticals such as Automotive, Banking & Financial Service, Insurance & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom-Infrastructure-Media-Entertainment-Semiconductors (TIMES). As a diverse end-to-end IT solutions provider, Satyam offers a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

Satyam's network spans 45 countries, across 6 continents. Over * 16, 800 dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals, work in development centers in India, the USA, the UK, the UAE, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia and Hungary and serve over * 350 global companies, including over * 109 Fortune 500 corporations.

We have strategic technology and marketing alliances with over 50 top-notch companies that help us provide end-to-end services to our customers.

Satyam's need-driven deployment of domain and technology expertise brings to customers a range of solutions and products that enhance performance and competitiveness.

Our unique RightSourcingTM delivery model allows us to leverage local competencies to offer global competitiveness to our customers.

Our consulting and IT solutions have resulted in technology-intensive transformations that have met the most stringent of international quality standards. We have developed a unique quality hallmark, called eSCM (e-Sourcing Capability Maturity) Model, for IT Enabled Services (ITES), in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University and Accenture.

We follow a specially developed Business Continuity Model (BCM), which allows us to continue mission critical operations of our customers, even in the most challenging of times.

The Satyam Experience: Learning & Development

Satyam's learning agenda is driven by a holistic framework that includes:

Emphasis on role-based training

Methodology Appreciation Courses

Business Leadership Programs

Satyam Learning Center (SLC)

SLC is Satyam's in-house learning and development unit.

SLC mandates all senior managers at Satyam to undergo 80-hours of training per year. Their training includes special initiatives such as the Harvard Global Leadership Program. This program has a series of sessions conducted by professors from Harvard.

Mandatory training for Associates from other industries, selected for the positions of Domain Consultants, Customer Relationship Managers and Program Managers, is broadly classified under:

General Business and Technology Orientation 60 days

Customized Training 30 days

Partnering with Pioneers in Business Education

To deliver technology and leadership development programs, Satyam partners with several leading academic institutions such as:

Carnegie Mellon University, with whom we have co-authored the eSCM standards, and have designed their MS program

Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and Kanpur, with whom we have worked on J2EE and Design Patterns, and carried out work on Customer Engagement with the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Indian School of Business, whose faculty assists us in Leadership Development

BITS, Pilani, with whom we co-developed courses for Associates

In addition, our E-Learning repository has over 250 + titles in various areas to cater to anytime anywhere learning.

The SLC aligns, facilitates and focuses on learning interventions in the company, through the following processes:

Leadership Development

Enables Associates to proactively manage lateral and vertical growth in business, technical and delivery streams. Develops leadership competencies in the organization globally.

Competency Enhancement

Facilitates induction of new talent and updates the skills of Associates through training and other interventions to meet the current and future demands of the business.

The Satyam Experience: Work Environment

Satyam believes in a feedback-oriented culture for continuous improvement. This is done through surveys, such as the Associate Delight Index (ADI) and other surveys. These surveys garner feedback from all the stakeholders involved to achieve process improvements. Initiatives such as ADI, together with the idea portal, lead on to Associate Delight, internally, thereby leading to Customer Delight, externally.

Informal Workplace

Satyam believes that Associates perform best in an environment, which permits freedom of expression and an air of informality. The company encourages Associates to voice a counter viewpoint without fear of retribution. The belief that ‘Every Satyamite is a Leader’ is reflected in Satyam's practice of assigning critical tasks based on capability, rather than seniority. Satyam discourages hierarchical barriers and Associates are free to reach one another in the company. Associates are encouraged to address each other by their first name, irrespective of the role or position. Every Satyamite is referred to as an Associate and is a partner in the company's progress.

Grievance Redressal

A 24 × 7 anywhere-anytime concern management initiative that allows Associates to have their concerns redressed by the immediately concerned departments and people. The delivery system is automated with a tracking and escalation device built into the system. The redressal forum gives Associates an avenue to present their case, and look for reasonable resolution within the company's policies and practices. This entire process has been e-enabled and is christened eBuddy

Satyam World

Satyam's intranet portal, which forms the single-point-of-reference for the comprehensive and updated information about the company.


U Speak is a periodic event that facilitates Satyam's top performers to interact with the leadership, on the challenges and opportunities of the future. Satyam leaders share their perspectives and strategies, and address queries and concerns that Associates might have in that respect.

Idea Portal

Satyam has an idea portal that harnesses Associates'ideas and suggestions across a wide spectrum of topics. Accepted ideas attract “reward points” based on their value and these points can be accumulated over a period of time.

Associate Delight Index (ADI)

An index that tracks satisfaction and delight practices within the organization at the Associate level. Other metrics that are consistently measured are:

Internal Customer Delight Index (iCDI)

Investor Delight Index (iDI)

Internal Supplier Satisfaction Measurement Index (iSSM)

External Customer Satisfaction Measurement Index (eCDI)

Recognitions and Special Memberships for Top Performers

Satyam has special recognition and clubs for its top performers. In addition, Satyam annually recognizes Associates for excellence in their respective fields through special awards.

Internal Service Portal

Internal Service Portal that provides transaction-based operations through virtual delivery. This enables Associates to focus on their own core areas such as strategy, policy-making, analysis and MIS. Today more then 85% of Satyam's Associates located across the world access this portal on a regular basis and find value in doing so. It has greatly impacted the back-end operations, where efficiencies have improved by 40% to 65%. To the Associate, the range of services covers a typical Associate life cycle.

Alambana-Satyam's Social Responsibility

Alambana is Satyam's Social Responsibility Arm. Formed in October 2000, Alambana works primarily towards transforming the quality of life of the vulnerable sections of the urban population. Alambana has consciously decided against being a check-book charity organization; instead, it intervenes directly on issues vexing the less privileged. Alambana is goal and result-driven. Multiple areas of interventions are created to provide various opportunities for people to serve voluntarily. Alambana's volunteers largely consist of Satyam's Associates and their family members. This enables Alambana to leverage Satyam's strengths in leadership, technology, management, and networking.

Family Learning Center (Samanvay)

Promotes Associate belongingness by extending learning opportunities to their immediate families.