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Since 1984, the syntel. Com domain has belonged to SyntelSoft Inc and its predecessors, Syntelligence Inc. And Syntelligence Systems Inc. These companies created and market the SynCore® programming environment, the Syntel functional programming language, and the Underwriting Advisor® and Lending Advisor® systems

Since 1984, SyntelSoft and its predecessors Syntelligence and Syntelligence Systems have been in the business of providing software licensing, computer consultation and software development services, principally involving our proprietary “Syntel” language.

The Syntel language was patented-using the name Syntel-in United States Patent 4, 866, 634, awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on 12 September 1989.

In licensing and supporting users of the Syntel language, SyntelSoft and its predecessors have provided services in the fields of web site design, web site development, web site maintenance, web site upgrading, web site hosting, web site privacy, web site security, database design, selection of operating environment, development of operating environment, development and integration of interactive content and design; and in the fields of computer software applications, computer software maintenance, and computer software development; technical support services via telephone, email, facsimile, pager, and in person; and enabling legacy applications for use on the world wide web.