Information About Company: Tata Elxsi

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Seamlessly integrating precision and ingenuity, Tata Elxsi's abilities stem from our creative leadership in hard-core technology and strength in design. Augmenting these capabilities is our expertise across our practice areas to provide point services and end-to-end solutions across the product lifecycle.

From Automotive to Aerospace, Bioinformatics to Consumer Electronics, Entertainment to FMCG, media to Storage, Semicon to Telecom, we provide customized design solutions to companies across the globe. Conforming to strict processes, a highly motivated skilled workforce driven by strong design principles and ethical business practices ensure cost-effective, time-to-market solutions.

Touching people's lives in myriad ways, Tata Elxsi's solutions can impact directly or subtly, leaving a mark of excellence in its wake.


Success, at Tata Elxsi, is self-driven. The Tata Elxsi dictum is to “Aspire, Act and Achieve” Giving meaning to the words, are the people behind Tata Elxsi. Aspiring to greater heights, Acting efficiently & responsibly and Achieving success

We believe in encouraging our employees to build individual successes. To constantly learn, on a personal level and a professional one, and then grow from knowledge to knowledge. To be swift in thinking and action, dedicated to progress and all the time, be enthusiastic about life. The people in the company drive the Success definition at Tata Elxsi, and this is reflected in the unique mix of engineering and creative talent that forms the nucleus of the company.

The Tata Elxsi Way of Life

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle” -Albert Einstein.

The Tata Elxsi way of life is simple to comprehend. We follow that road where everything is a miracle for us. Opportunities waiting to be explored, ideas waiting to be born and tomorrows full of promise-is the way we look at life. To achieve this we constantly seek people who are high on life. One who works with passion and looks for ideas in the mundane. One who is driven by commitment and believes in team spirit. The mere words take on a greater dimension when put in practice. This is what gives the edge to Tata Elxsi and what is reflected in our work culture. Involved and caring is what describes every one who works with us improving the value of our self.

At Tata Elxsi we don't just provide a job. We appreciate and honor commitment. We nurture families. We build individual success. We increase your self worth.

This belief is encapsulated in the philosophy that we follow. Known as the ‘WORTH’ philosophy, it shows us how to

Widen Horizons. Look beyond the obvious to reach greater heights.

Opportunity. Make the best use of opportunity and be two steps ahead.

Respect your customers, your company and be responsible for your deeds.

Think and convert that to proactive action

Have an open mind. To knowledge. To colleagues. To ideas.