Information About Company: Wipro

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Our vision is to be among the top ten global technology service providers offering a complete spectrum of e-business, internet and communication technology services and components in an environment of empowerment, intellectual challenge and wealth sharing.


The governing theme in Wipro is the well being of our employees. The benefits offered are on par with the best available.

Our compensation package is among the best in the industry and is aimed at not only attracting but also retaining the best talent. The package caters to all positions across Wipro. Rewards for each position are based on performance, potential, criticality, and market value. Besides the base pay, we offer deferred benefits such as a provident fund, gratuity, and a pension plan.

We have a comprehensive medical assistance program that covers anything you or your family may incur. For new employees we provide interest free loans to cover housing deposits or the purchase of a two-wheeler. We also provide contingency loans for marriage, illness, or the death of a close family member.

The Wipro Employee Stock Option Plan (WESOP) allows employees to share in our success. Our education assistance plan encourages further education. Our leave policy also includes a sabbatical to pursue higher studies related to your profession. We also take great interest in the personal well being of our employees. We have contracted an external agency to take care of domestic chores such as bill payment and travel bookings thereby giving you more time to spend in more enjoyable endeavors. We also provide credit cards for all of our employees, transport to our development centers, and an onsite cafeteria.

These benefits are offered in addition to a host of deferred ones. All common processes like leave applications, travel planning, updating personal information, etc. are automated through the extensive use of Intranet-HRWEB making these activities easy and less time consuming.


Hard work and contribution never go unnoticed at Wipro. If you are an exceptional performer, you can get your name carved in the Wipro Hall of Fame. This is the highest award Wipro offers, and is given in recognition of a sustained and consistent performance by a single employee or a team. Wipro has awards for innovative ideas (Mastermind), effort in a team (Feather in my Cap), help to a colleague in bailing him/her out of a difficult situation (Thanks a Zillion), appreciation of your boss for technical, managerial or leadership skills (Dear Boss) and celebration of achievements (On the House). Even mistakes with the right handling can be turned into a significant learning experience for the future. All for the Best award enables you to learn from past mistakes.

We take pride in our long serving colleagues. They are the force behind our success, and we recognize their contribution through a comprehensive reward program. Club 5, Club 10, and Club 15 are awards depending upon the number of completed years of service with the company.


We believe that being a Wipro-ite is a badge of honor. Both current and past employees can take pride in the fact they do work for or have worked for Wipro. To keep this tradition alive, we have very strict selection criteria and a rigorous selection process. Once you become a part of the Wipro family, you can envision your future and move ahead with us by your side. The challenge of being at the forefront of cutting edge technologies will be yours. You will work alongside some of the biggest names in the IT world, in an ambience that fulfils your heart's desire as much as it stimulates your intellect. You will have the freedom to initiate and realize your goals. Reap the benefits with us, as the world watches. Our energy, free spirit, and commitment to human values have played a significant role in our success story so far. We instill these qualities into every new member of the Wipro family. Active, unhindered participation brings us closer to each other and to ourselves, making work fun.

We care about how employees feel about Wipro and to understand this, an employee perception survey is conducted by an external agency. What we learn from the survey is then put into action to ensure employee satisfaction. Wipro strives to provide an environment that is stimulating, with high levels of motivation, empowerment, and recognition, removing obstacles that hinder creativity. In this energized atmosphere, we share successes while setting new standards of excellence.

An informal group of like-minded Wiproites organizes events and activities to bring together people from across departments, divisions, locations, and hierarchies with one governing spirit. “For the team, by the team, of the team Wipro!” We bring fun to the workplace. You can become a part of any of these interest groups be it dance, music, dramatics, literary, adventure, quizzing, or any sport you are good at. You can even initiate a new interest group of your own.

We at Wipro strongly believe in giving back to society. Our service doesn't stop at providing charity. We have faith in human effort and we believe that it is not just what you do, but how you go about doing it. “Wipro Cares” brings together individuals with a common aim so that they may contribute to society.

Ever since Wipro started in 1966 innovation has been a key ingredient. Be it diversification of industries, breaking into the latest technology, spearheading process milestones globally, Wipro has constantly strived to create a world class organization providing world class solutions.

With people at the focus of all its initiatives it is no wonder that Wipro has been able to consistently be “ahead of the pack” We believe our strength is in our people and go beyond what is expected to provide a work environment that is the envy of all.


Wipro IT Solutions assists Fortune 500 companies in gaining an advantage over their competition and improving their productivity. We specialize in key functional areas including:

  • Providing high-end e-commerce solutions to application software clients.
  • Offering product realization services with time-to-market advantage to technology clients.

We have offices and clients based throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. For your convenience, we have established local subsidiaries in the US and Japan. More than 1000 of our software professionals are currently employed onsite at client locations worldwide. We have established a reputation as a low-risk partner with our blend of industry experience, proven technology expertise, and a track record for delivering high quality services.

Our client base includes a number of leading organizations in various segments like finance, manufacturing, retail, utilities, health care, ASP, telecom, etc.