Placement Papers: 3i Infotech GD Interview 10 May 2005

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I am aditya, today I had my icici GD & interview ( 10th may) , i have some info, I would like to share with u, GD topic was “can clean person exist in politcs” “is attendance mandotary for college” “is it necessary to make mandatory that people to work for few years in indiaafter completion of his/her education to reduce brain drain” and 50 % were filtered out in GD and interview was pretty easy, just simply “tell me about urself” “about family” no technical only one person or two were asked questions on project only for cse 2005 pasout were asked questions like “what is pointer” “what is dbms” etc. Those who have cleared the gd are probably selected (interview will be nominal) though the final results will be declared by may end

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