Placement Papers: 3i Infotech Paper on 15th Sept at Bangalore

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Hi friends, I m nitin sachan. I want to share my 3i-infoteh interview with you

Written test: I have gone through written test in Bangalore in 15 sept. The paper has contained 150 questions and it is divided in three sections and allotted time for the paper is 90 minutes. The three sections are English, quant, reasoning. There is a negative marking of . It is very time consuming so be care full about the time and there is a sectional cutoff also. For the English prep solve some old papers of bank PO exams and for quant and reasoning R S agarwal is sufficient. The paper is very time consuming I have attempted only 67 questions n I have cleared the written

Result of written exam is declared after one month on 16 October n they have called me for the interview at 27 October

GD and tech + hr interview: In gd we are 12 members. In this round 8 members are selected. In gd take a chance to speak n give the chance to speak other persons also. The topics are very general. They r just checking u speaking or not weather it is right or wrong. So be confident n speak properly. Commskil will matter.

After this round there is an interview. This is technical n hr. They have asked general hr questions and about may project. i m from electronics background so they have not asked any questions related to c, c ++ . After this they tell me about their bond of two years. Asked me about the passport. So in interview just be confident and answer properly. They are just checking ur commskils n take all the information about the company from its site. It will matter

After it all they have told me that result will declare about 15thnov.

The result has declared at 19th nov. I have got selected. It was my 14th interview. So don՚t loose hope. GOD is great.

Thank you

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