Placement Papers: 3i Infotech Paper on 27th Oct at Hyderabad

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Hi guys… I have attend the 3i infotech test in september, held in various places and i have taken the test in hyderabad.

Aptitude: I cant ensure you that the interview is very easy unless you put all your efforts to prepare. There is negitive marking, so b careful. I can say this is the elimination round…

There are 3 sections…u can find the aptitude test details from the paper that is discussed below. B confdent befor u mark the answer. Go thru rs aggarwal chapters. This is an elimination round____many are eliminated in this, Approx 2000 appeared for the test (wat i feel). i suppose only 120 − 130 have cleared (by God's grace i am one among them). The results will be kept in the site itself.

GD and Interview: This is an another elimination round. The GD and the interview are conducted the same day. There will be 11 − 12 people in the gd and the time given is 15 − 20mins… Approx 4 − 5 will be seleceted from each group in this round. There will b 5 slots for GD in 1 day. For us… The GD's took place on 2 days i.e.10 GD slots are available. The topics are really simple and easy to speak. Speak more and more… Put out all ur views but be careful not to divert from the topic. Aftr giving the topic, U ll b gve 5mins for preparation. Jot down all the imp points in this mean time.

Be an initiator or take the concluding part____if u cant dont worry try to speak more. As i am in the second slot i know only 2 topics…1 slot topic is somethg like… Can criminals can come under politics… My topic is: Is media behaving responsibly in todays time. Well i spoke well… Aftr the gd v were said to wait for 5mins to announce the results…They selected only 4 from our group… And i am the lucky one… After that we hav being waitin for the interview. The interview is really cool… Its only about 10 − 15mins. Its a panel of 2 members… One will handle all the HR and other will concentrate on ur academics. As soon as i entered i wished both and then i was asked to introduce myself. Aftr that i was asked abut my family background. Then abut my project as i am BTECH student. Be well prepared about your project… They may ask you each and evry point in ur proj jus to test you to wat extent you can present the project n how u worked out. My project was on oracle so they asked me in depth, but i could do it. They asked wat are my field of interests…

I suggest you, if u r a student of BE/BTECH/MCA/MTECH/MBA… Etc be prepared with your projects. Then they asked me wat i know about 3i infotech… Be prepared with the company details, go thru the website. Then they asked me whether i am ready to reallocate or not… They stress more on this point____ then they told about the salary. Then they told taht the traing will b approx for 2 − 3 months and there is bond for 2yrs… If u think its ok 4 you, then no problem.

Thats the end of my interview… Jus waitin for the result to com out____

ALL THE BEST ____PREPARE WELL… Just be confident… Byeeee