Placement Papers: 3i Infotech Paper on 28th Jan at Delhi

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Hi all.

So looking for a job in 3i. Well if yes then dont worry at all for apti n all. On 28th of jan, i wrote 3՚s paper. Now i m going to describe it--

There was 3 sections-English usage, Logical Reasoning and arithmetic n data interpretation

There was i total 150 questions, having 50 questions from each sections. All questions were easy.

Time limit: 90 mins

Before going to venue, just read out the instructions given on the site, coz there was lot of confusions. I did keep with me the specimen answer sheet.

Section 1: English Usage

In this there was a paragrap, nearly 400 words, about regularization of banking acts. On basis of this para there was questions. These are as follows-

  • 10 direct questions relataed to para
  • 3 Synoyms (Contemporay, Resilence etc.)
  • 3 Antonyms
  • 9 questions were based on fill in d blanks which was nothing bt, about Development and Education in Punjab and U. P. On an aveage all d synonyms n antonyms were very easy and day to day conversational use. These synonyms and antonyms were given in bold in d para.

While solving this type para plz keep in mind that one time reading with better comprehension is nt only helpful, bt u have o use regression. Remaining 25 questions were based on finding out grammatical error (u can see in any cat/mat preparartion book) . On these some were diifficult.

In this section i did only 23 questions.

Section 2: Reasoning

  • 1 caselet based sitting arrangement (5 − 6 questions)
  • 5 questions based on Blood Relation (if A + B stands for A is father of B, A-B stands for Ais bro of B________ then what is A-B ⚹ c so on)
  • 5 questions based on critical resoning (like all banana՚s are mango, some mangoes are chilli then conclude …)
  • 4 − 5 questions based on series. In this you have to find out odd one in he series.
  • Some on coding decodg
  • Some were slightly different. These were like--5 different nos were given and said that 1 is added to the first digit of all numbers and 1 is subtracted from the middle digit. Then Find out the second largest n so on:
  • Some were Data Sufficiency

Suggestion: For seies go through Mtyra՚s Book Quicker maths.

Section 3: Arithmetic

In this topic on which questions were based, is as-

  1. Probab--5 questions, in this q like________there are different balls in a bag as3-green, 5-blue, 7-red. 6-black then find out the probab of getting 2 red balls, gtting at least 1 gren ball while picking up 3 balls n so on:
  2. Series Comletion-5 q
  3. Simplification-10 − 12 q, as (1) if 12.48/? /56.4 = 12.3 then find? and so on
  4. Compound Interest-1q (Direct Formula)
  5. Trains speed-1q as, A train crosses a platform of length double of its length, in 30 sec. Find speed of train (Ans-can not determined) .
  6. Data Interpretation-15 q, 2tables and 1 pie chart, vey easy just calculation basis.

Do as much as possible Bank po sets, there is nothing bt all depends on UR CALCULATION SPEED.

So start mental calculation from today it will help u in this and other papers as well. Andd dont forget to pray for me I m waiting for call …

All d Best.




Hi All!

After Taking written test on Jan 28th 2007 results were declared on 26th Feb … Then we were called for the next round comprising of GD and Technical + HR on May 12th … Final results would be announced in June________for GD the topic was “kids participating in commercials, serials, movies. Etc is good or bad” … We were in all 7 candidates. Out of which 5 were selected for the next round … Here i would like to highlight the do՚s and don՚ts for GDs before i move on to the tech round details …

Rules to follow in GD: (i guess this is needed)

  • Speak (make sure that u speak. Atleast try to be the third person if not the initaitor … If u initiate u may get some brownie points … Whether or not, but do speak)
  • Speak sense (atleast two to three valid ponts will get u going________)
  • take chance and give chance (this shows u r an oppurtunist and giving chance shows that u care for ur team________)
  • dont go on and on … (be precise … And to the point … Coz not more than 10 or 15 min will be alloted for each GD so one of u has to contribute ________)
  • behave like a group________ (this shows how u can work amongst different people under different situations …)
  • be actively involved________ (keep an eye on everyone while speaking … It shows u r a silent observer … And doesnot neglect anybody … Many a times it so happens that we contribute our valid point. And just keep mum thinking iam done … There u r … On the verge of losing. Never do that … When u have contributed as first or sencond or third. Give chance saying … What do u have to say abt this guys … If ur taking chance. Begin by saying. u r pretty convincing but. i have something important to contribute … If. u think the u r unable to get a chance. As it happened with me … Remember … If u dont speak … u know what … Since sometimes certain section of people dont give chance. Which definetly is a negative sign … So u have to take chance coz they r seeing who is speaking … So i had to pull up my socks and began by saying … All u guys out there even i have something to contribute if … u permit … (since the moderater will not be doing anything. Other than watching) . and there i began. I was the third speaker …)
  • after giving a point … Hold back … Then get into the discussion again … Then hold back. Then do it for the third time … Ur third time can be ur final point … Or ur conclusion or u can be doing both …
  • if u take the initiative to conclude never say: So “I” conclude. Never use I … Since u r a part of “Group” Discussion … Therefore the most admirable way would be to say: On behalf of my whole group the conclusion drawn is________so there u r guys … Watch out … Since u r being watched out …

Then there was Technical + HR … In my cabin there was only one panalist … i opnd the door. Did not sit untill the chair was offered … He began by introducing his self________and then there were all Personal Questions. Begining by Tell me abt urself … i included. My hardwork. My distinction throughout my academics … My extracurricular activities. My strenghts … To this question make sure u present urself in such a manner that u appear different from other applicants … That will u earn u “the place …” so make sure u work on it … Ur USP must really be unique … Since this will determine why they should hire u … Then he asked if am comfortable relocating. Freshers. Cant bargain, since they have more resons to say yes than to say no unlike experienced. Gys so u have to to say yes … To relocation. To service agreement … To package … Then i was sent to the HR. She asked me how was technical it was her first question … Again it was personal. Finally the last one shot was: Do u have any questions … i asked … So that was a little from the much. Hope it helps u all in some way or the other … Am posiitive abt, y results … The rest he knows what is best for us … Best Wishes …



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