Placement Papers: 3i Infotech Paper on 6th Apr 2008

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Hi guys, This is vivek. I gave 3i-infotch written exam on 6 april-08. The written paper consisted of 3 sections. First one was English. 2nd was apti, 3rd was reasoning. Actually it contained all 3 section in a single paper so we had liberty to attempt any one first. About written exam I can only say that it was pretty easy but all u have to do is to pay attention on time. You will get 90 min & u will b given 150 ques. That is 50 ques from each section. I attempted 18 ques from apti, 23 from reasoning and and around 25 ques from english. Actually before exam I had in mind to attempt 20 ques from each section as there was sectional cut off. But in exam i wasn՚t able to manage tht. I m writing in brief about written below:


Its really very easy but there u have to b little fast in calculations. Go through data Interpretation for sure. We had 3 ques from tht. 2 from pie chart, 1 from table. All had 5 ques in them. So 15 ques over all from DI.


All I can say is go through ₹ agrawal verbal book. i m absolutely sure tht u ll do well in this section then.


Simple English. Although passages might consume your some time. What I did was I skipped passages. And attempted other questions B՚se this was my last section & I didn՚t have time. But really grammar and all were very easy so it took very less time.

They declared its result after around one month. Then on 18,19, 20 july-08 they called shortlisted candidates for gd & interview. We had 12 guys in our batch & the topic they gave us was: IS ETHICS REQUIRED IN BUISINESS. And ya before gd they passed a sheet to all of us and gave us 5 min time to think. They also requested us not to make it fish market. Well 5 out of 12 they selected. Fortunately I was in this 5.

Then 1 by 1 they called us for interview. In this they asked very traditional interview ques. About me, weaknesses, where u wish to see yourself after 5 yrs and all. And ya finally they asked me to do u have passport for which i replied I don՚t. So they said apply for it as it will b required and u may b asked to show it b4 training. So better u have your passport. It can b your positive point.

Well interview result will b declared in October. i just hope I՚ll clear this final barrier as well.

Best of luck to u. If u have any ques in mind regarding process ask me freely.

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