Placement Papers: 3i Infotech Paper on 6th Apr at Delhi

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hello frnds i wrote the test fr 3i infotech on april 6th … The test is easy ____ i mean the qsns are very ordinary … But the catch is “TIME” tats d only factor u shuld wrry about before writing the exam … Thr r 3 sections english/maths/logic. 50 qusn each …90mins total time … Remember passin in evry section is required … So keep in mind to attempt qsns equally 4m all d section s

English … Will have 1 comprehension 10 qsns on tat ____ personal view dnt attempt d comprehnsn … Will suckk up too much time … Jus solve rest of the qusns … Tat will b enuf … 6 antonymm nd synnym will b thr … Rest genaral english … Nt to b worried about too much … Very simple … But solve the qsns very fast … Dis is the section whr u cn solve it in 25 min nd use the rest 5 mins fr maths … 2nd setion is maths 20 to 25 qsns ws on simplification … Jus pure calculculation few wre very lentghy … 15 − 18 qsns on a table, a pie chart, a graph … Jus like those in R. S. Aggarwl … Dont attempt all of them … Prepare RS aggarwal. Tats it. Try to b very sharp with ur calculations 1 qsns ws on boats …1 prfit nd loss … Etc. Use regression … Try to b vry quick … Logic:

Jus prepare logical reasnin by RS agarwal … Tats it enuf … Conclusin… Crse of action types of qsns … Remembr time is the key factor fr dis test ____difficulti level is average … Try to b lightnin fast … Best of luck frnds