Placement Papers: 3i Infotech Pattern 20 Feb 2005

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A lot of ppl are asking me the procedure for 3i-infotech (formerly ICICI infotech) so here i write my experience________

I dont know exactly wats the procedure to apply but as for me we got the application form in our college itself________3i ppl had themselves send the form and all we had to do was to get it photostated and apply and also with a DD of ₹ 1200 (I dont know y they charged so much) I had filled the form in december. Then finally we had a written test on 20th feb which was conducted in 26 places all over India and same date. The paper had three sections: Each section had 50 ques with 5 options in each to be done in 90 minutes and there was 25 % negative marking …

I Sec: This was of quantitative aptitude and DI, ques were on SI, CI, profit, loss and calulation type questions like those which r asked generally in PO type exams. DI ques were also of avg level.

IIsec: This was of english. It had 1 RC (reading comprehenshion) and ques on grammar. This was the easiest part and i almost did ard 45 ques.

IIIsec: This was of reasoning. It had series based ques mostly alphabetical series which were easy buttime consuming. Then it had caselet ques like general ques which come in CAT. All the ques were of avg level.

But yes speed really mattered a lot in its exam as they had sectional cutoff

NOW then the result for the interview was declared on 27th march. I was selected. They conducted GD (group discussion) and interviews at eight places but on diff dates. We were given the choice to choose our centre for the gd and interview.

Finally on 7th may i had GD in the morning.

In GD they divided ppl in slots of 10. We were given 5 min to think after they told the topic to our grp and 15 min to speak________

Topics for the GD were general topics so that everone cud speak like my topic was “Gr8 leaders r born not made” some other topics were like: Role of press ________is it invading our privacy

Diversity in India is an obstacle for United India________like these …


Each grp was told the result of the GD just after five min of their GD. Selected candidates were asked to report at the time given by them after lunch for the interview.

Then finally I had to give the interview________

Interview was cool and mine was totally HR. But they were asking some technical ques to the computer and IT stream ppl________but since my branc was e&c so i was not asked anything technical

The ques they asked me were

  1. Describe urself: I told them abt my education and my family backgrd. And i also told them my strengths and weaknesses. The weakness I told them they asked me to justify that________
  2. Do u have a valid passport?
  3. how will u manage to work for ard 8hrs?
  4. they gave me situations: Suppose u have been given a work and u r not able to complete it. There is also lot of pressure on u from ur bosses wat will u do in that situation?
  5. another situation they gave: U have been given a very long document and u have to jot down the imp points from it ________wat will be ur rxn?
  6. Since there is a two yr bond in this company so they asked me wats my rxn for this?
  7. they asked me my extracurricular________
  8. wat r the skills that r required for in software to succeed?
  9. they briefed me abt their company and abt the bond ________
  10. I asked them a ques in the end although they didnot inquire whether i wanted to ask sth.
  11. This was all abt my interview________
  12. I was quite optimistic reg my selection as my interview went quite good and finally they declared the result on 31st may and I was selected________

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