Placement Papers: ADP Placement Paper Pattern Hyderabad

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The question paper had 4 sections--sections A, B, C and D

Section A: It has totally 40 questions. Time 20 minutes.

10 questions-analogies

10 questions-fill up the blanks

(u have to study barrons GRE to be able to answer these questions. CAT students can do well i guess.)

remaining 20 questions from maths aptitude________study R. S. Agarwal thoroughly … Most of the them are profit-loss, percentages, time-distance/work and numbers.

Section B: 20 questions to answer in 30 minutes.

All question are based on C programming … The questions are something like find the output of the program, compilation errors, find which line of the given program has an error. u ought to be thorough with data structures in C to answer them will not find simple C programming questions be thorough with data structures using C.

Section C: A long C program which is about 2- pages long and it has only 5 questions to answer in 10 minutes________i didn՚t understand half of the program … It had many function calls …

Section D: Duration 10 minutes________

An essay of 100 words has to be written on the given topic. First the given topic was “My few favourite things” then they changed the topic to “Same as the last” ________God knows what is the meaning of the topic … The entire class had dumb face when they heard the topic title … And i am sure most of them actually screwed here.

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