Placement Papers: Paper ADP Pattern Interview 12 Oct 2007

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I have attended interview on 12 Oct at Srinidhi Engg College

It has 4 rounds

  1. Written test
  2. Tech interview
  3. Tech interview
  4. HR Written test has 4 parts. It is for 70 minutes
    1. Aptitude consists of 20marks
    2. Tech all C programs for 20 marks
    3. 5 puzzles C h e ta naS
    4. Essay Writing for 10mins topic is India in Future

    For aptitude, time&work, time&distance, profit&loss & 2 puzzles each for 5marks, technical small programs on structures, unions, printf ()

    Technical 1: In first tech they asked C, C ++ , SQL

    1. C-structure, union, malloc, any one program
    2. diff btw C & C ++
    3. normalization, sql queries
    4. 5 number series &2 puzzles

They had taken around 40mins for it

Technical 2: 2nd tech is only for 10mins, 2 puzzles & logic for program them

HR: HR is for 10mins

  1. family background
  2. educational background
  3. role model & why
  4. where will u be after 5yrs
  5. what r u expecting from a company

Totally 81 members came for interview, 22 crossed written and finally they had taken only 2. I am very happy being in that two members i have attended 6 interviews finally I was placed in a good company.

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