Placement Papers: Accenture Paper 1995

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Accenture has five selection rounds, all are elimination rounds

Round I

This is an aptitude round, there are 3 sections.

Section I: English (Vocab, Comprehension etc)

Section II: Aptitude Examrace Placement Series should be suffecient

Section III: Reasoning, pickup any GRE book, it should be sufficient

The aptitude round is pretty much simple

Round II

THis is a GD round, this is also elimination, SO don՚t forget to make a point, they don՚t normally see how relevant you speak, its just that you should speak something and make yourself heard.

Round III

This is an HR round, this is also an elimination round, it will be a casual talk, for god sake don՚t say any thing contoversial and don՚t contradict yourself.

Round IV

This is a technical round, they will normally ask you questions pertaining your field of interest and will focus on the projects that you have done, you should be able to talk about your projects with confidence.

Round V

This is a combination of hr and technical, again the same stuff is repeated, you need to just hold on, coz you are almost there.

The bottom line is that you should be a good communicator and show confidence.

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