Placement Papers: Accenture Paper 1998

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Here՚s the pattern

  1. APTITUDE TEST There were 3 sections 1. Verbal ability 2. Aptitude (maths) 3. Analytical ability (puzzles) . The test was quiet easy. don՚t do just quantitative apt. Also brush up on verbal and analytical also if u get some CAT books then it՚s good.
  2. GD GD was ok. They see u speak something and speak confidently. Our topic was ‘Money in turn will give u academics and academics in turn will give you a bright career.’
  3. HR In HR they ask the usual questions but many were eliminated in this round. So the key is to be confident and gather as much information as possible about Accenture. To some people some technical questions were also asked in HR and many got nervous. I think they just wanted to see how u react. So don՚t be nervous if they start asking you technical questions in HR.
  4. Technical

It was also an elimination round. Some got eliminated in this round but it depends on the interviewer also. To some students very tricky questions were asked. They asked mostly about your project and if u start well then after that they ask u very simple questions. They also ask about C, C ++ , Software engg (Testing) .

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