Placement Papers: Accenture Paper 1999

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Accenture has five selection rounds, all are elimination rounds

Round I

This is an aptitude round, there are 3 sections.

Section I: English (Vocab, Comprehension etc)

Section II: Aptitude Examrace Placement Series should be suffecient

Section III: Reasoning, pickup any GRE book, it should be sufficient

The aptitude round is pretty much simple

Round II

THis is a GD round, this is also elimination, SO don՚t forget to make a point, they don՚t normally see how relevant you speak, its just that you should speak something and make yourself heard.

Round III

This is an HR round, this is also an elimination round, it will be a casual talk, for god sake don՚t say any thing contoversial and don՚t contradict yourself.

Round IV

This is a technical round, they will normally ask you questions pertaining your field of interest and will focus on the projects that you have done, you should be able to talk about your projects with confidence.

Round V

This is a combination of hr and technical, again the same stuff is repeated, you need to just hold on, coz you are almost there.

The bottom line is that you should be a good communicator and show confidence.


This is the selection procedure:

  1. Test: Normal agarwal apptitude, English synonyms, RC՚s________ (cat pattern basically)
  2. GD: ANy general topic picked (make sure u make one valid pt and make ur voice heard int eh crowd of 10 ppl)
  3. Hr round: Normal Hr Ques (goals long& short, background, strenghs, weaknesses)
  4. Technical rnd: Questions abt the projects u have done (B very well prepared with it)
  5. Final rnd: Questions abt ur fav topic (i picked c/c ++) .

If u go thru with these rnds u have made thru.

If i learn of any vacancies i will definetly keep inputting the info onto the grp.

The questions asked were from the following


  1. Numerical: Profit & loss, percentages, mixtures, time and distance, time and work.
  2. Analytical: Venn diagrams (if in a class of 40students, 10 speak only telegu, 20 speak both telegu and tamil________) , probability, drawing conclusions …
  3. Verbal:

Was basically easy--just synonyms, choose the correct one. passage. The test was easy. There were 60 questions (60 mins) . Can anyone of you tell me what are we expected to study for the interview.

The pattern: (for the JAVA people. There was separate process for. Net and Mainframe people) .

The process consisted of:

  1. Written Test
  2. GD
  3. HR Interview
  4. Tech Interview
  5. Final Interview
  6. Offer
    1. The written was purel technical (as it was for exp people) . Consisted of 30 ques. In 30 min. Qoes. From EJB (5 − 6 ques) , JSP/servelts (3 − 4 ques) , UML (2 ques) , sql/database (2 − 3ques) and rest core java. Be prepared as the test is tough. Prepare the basics well________
    2. GD was coool. They from groups of 12 people. Topics are common like shud internet chatting in IT companies be allowed, Shud ragging be banned etc … No need o shout, just make sure that your point gets noticed by the group.
    3. This one is real hard. You gotta have ur basics of JAVA and J2EE crystal clear. The person was though cool and gave u ample time to answer. Asked tricky questions related to basics of EJB, servlets etc.
    4. The HR interview is a breeze. They just ask usual questions like your career objectives, why u want to change, why Accenture, weakness, strengths etc … Speak well and with confidence.
    5. The final interview is with a manager. Have no idea about it as I՚m still waiting for it to be held. Though the process was supposed to be completed on Sunday itself, too many people turned up________ and the process got delayed. All those who cleared the first 4 rounds were told to go back … Said that they will take telephonic interviews … Still aiting for it …

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