Placement Papers: Accenture Paper 2002

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Regarding Accenture, most of them have asked me how I applied to ACCENTURE.

So, I have applied thru their site (Junior Software Engineer) and also thru thr Job Fair for Experience people

Written: About thr pattern do not follow Old paper pattern.

Paper had 5 sections-

Sec I English (very easy, 4 − 5 vocab, grammar, sentence completion, RC)

Sec II Aptitude (10 ques on Venn diagram, 2 on probab, 5 on mulplication and Division)

Sec III Mental Ability (very simple, try to score ) eg-1234.5678 1234.5678 1234567.445 u need to tell all three are similar, none are similar, 2 r similar, 1 Q (5 sub ques) on conditions given and u need to select candidates on various criteria. No practice required for this.

Sec IV C ques (do pointers (not in too depth) , malloc, calloc, structures, for, ifloops very well)

Sec V C ++ (virtual const and destr, templates, access specifiers, OOPS conceps, virtual functions)

GD: They do not look how relevant u speak they only look u can shout or not so plz speak if u want to clear this round.

HR Interview: Its very simple if u satisfy eligibility criteria and know something about ACCENTURE u will clr it.

Technical + Final Interview: They ask everything regarding ur project and some technical (C, C ++) and HR question. If u r in final round this means u r almost in:

ACCENTURE in every stage looks how much ur confident in communication. If ur a good communicator then ur sure to clr the Intr rounds.

There are 5 rounds in Accenture. I have appeared for Java, J2EE in 3 + years experienced category.

  1. Technical Test (35 Multiple Choice Questions, 35 minutes)
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR interview
  5. Program Manager Interview

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