Placement Papers: Accenture Paper 2006

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I appeared for ACCENTURE on 8th of April, 06. Paper was easy but lengthy, time management is the main strategy. The paper went something like this:

  1. Verbal Section:

    1. Passage 1 (5 questions) > theme: Do not believe whatever you read in newspaper. Questions were direct except the last one. The last question was based on the central idea of the passage (Apprx. Passage length: 300 words).

    2. Passage 2 (5 questions) > theme: Benefits from the merger of IT companies. Questions were not very direct. But, obviously managable (length: 400 words).

    3. Synonyms (5 questions) > words were: Superfluous, aroma, shied

    4. Grammer (5 questions) > selecting the right sentence from 4 options. Options were close, need to read between words. Based on tense and article.

    5. Preposotions (5 questions) >very very easy questions. 1 example: Received _____ thank ______ Mr. Murthy a sum ____ Rs. 50000 (Ans: With, from, of).

  2. Quantitative Section: Lengthy solutions. Suggestion is that approach should be option based. Solving traditionally may take a lot of time. Examples:

    1. Three persons A, B, C participates in a race. A completes one lap in 10 mins, B in 12 mins, and C in 16 mins. How many laps has A run when all the three participants meet for the first time.

    2. How many multiples of 3 when added together gives 1134?

    3. Mr. X reads 1/5th of a book on Monday, on Tuesday he reads 5/8th of the remaining. On Wednesday, he reads 49 pages and thereby completes the book. How many pages the book consists of?

    Questions were on Area, Perimeter, Pipes & Cisterns, Time & Work, Sequences, nymber System, Speed Distance & time, Profit and loss.

  3. Logical Reasoning:

    1. Venn-diagram (3 questions) > Simple questions-need to know just the basics of Venn-Diagram.

    2. Syllogism (5 questions) > Example: All cats are dogs. All bats are cats. 4 options after this, you have to select the correct conclusion.

    3. Picture based questions (5 questions): R. S. Agarwal Non-Verbal Ability book may help. I found these 5 questions confusing.

    4. questions on operators (3 questions): Example: If “means-” “means/” then whats the value of (96) (84).

    5. Questions on Scheduling:

Example: A, B, C, D, e, F are 6 programmes to be organised on Wednesday evening show. If A is scheduled then B is not scheduled (totally 6 conditions).

Option based approach should be undoubtly adopted or will become unmanagable.