Placement Papers: Accenture Paper 2008

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This is the whole pattern of paper. Also hr and tech. Questions included.

The pattern was:

15 C questions________easy

15 C ++ ________tough

15 DBMS________medium

15 verbal reasnoing

15 logical________

Set theory is important-6 Questions Overall:

Mental Application

  1. patterns like ZZZZZERETTT ZZZZZERETEE ZZZZZEREETE________ and comparisons on them like which of them r similar and how many r not simmilar also________3 questions
  2. if + is replaced by-, by ⚹ , ⚹ by/________sort of then they will give a arithmetic expression. Solve it using rules of precednce after subsitituion … ________2 questions
  3. if $ represents 1 and 0 is reprented by ⚹ then they as u find product of 12 ⚹ 56 ⚹ 14 and represent in binary wiht above symbols example 4 would be rep. As $ ⚹⚹ . ________5 questions
  4. four realtionships based________3 questions
  5. simple symonms________
  6. prefer ₹ agarwal verbal and non verbal to barrons GRE and important topics from ₹ agarwal. Actually in accenture there was no aptitude ________
  7. english was easy passage … Easy way for passage solving is read questions first than read passage. So that u can find the answers easily.

HR Round

Tell me about urself

ur family background

ur long and short term goals

where do u see urself 5 yrs from now

talk for 2 minutes on any topic________to test ur communication skills.

best is talk about thier company________they will be impressed about the reasearch u have done and it shows the interest in their comapny and ur work

Technical round

ur background

os questions.

dbms features ________and questions, normalization


differences between c ++ and java

java features

oops features, virtual polymorphisim, freind function and syntax, types of polymorphism.

SDLC lifecycle and important phase as per u

testing stages and types________unit testing, module testing, sub systems testing, integration testing and acceptance testing.

types of inheritance


if u have mentioned project they will grill u on this. So be prepared for this …

be cool and confident.

speak clear, slow and loud.

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