Placement Papers: Accenture Paper 2009 New Pattern

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hi all

this is regarding accenture test pattern … They had changed the pattern of the test.

Now they had tied up with meritrac for conducting tests … So its diffent from previous patterns

There is no technical questions for the written test. The test consists of 3 sections

  1. Aptitude (maths) mainly of ven diagrams, then ques like a man walks east for 1 km then turns left. Etc like that and ques like A man facing towards west turns 45 degre clockwise then again 180 degree clockwise then turns 270 degree anti clock wise now at wat direction does he faces to. Like that.
  2. Mental ability: Ques like ⚹ stand for-, /stands for + etc. a hand ful of such ques nd ques in which three 8 digit numbers are given and to find out they are same or not. Etcc. And Questions like. A company want to select people for job … The criteria for selection is given and based on that 4 questions were given we have to choose whether he must be selected or not like that.
  3. Verbal reasoning: Fill up the blanks with missing words, replacing the word in a sentence with appropriate words of same meaning from given list and 2 passages with questions based on this

After written tests those who are selected will have GD (before, accenture didnt had GD) , Then HR and Technical

The test will be simple … Just brush up and go prepare well for other Rounds also especially HR. Please get as much as company info you get and be cool. Its only way to pass that round.

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