Placement Papers: Accenture Paper Interview Apr 2008 at Bangalore

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There was 3 sections. Test was very easy. Just be cool.

Verbal (20q)

I am just giving sme questions which I remember. 5 questions based on prepositions it was easy. 4 questions based on synonyms sme were like sagacity, fictitious (options were like imaginary, imaginative, unreal) , obstreous etc. Sme questions based on articles. 2 big paragraphs n questions based on this one passage it was sql servers n all and one more all about sme new tech.

Aptitude (20q)

  1. thr r 60 mem in a team x people shot A bird, y people shot B bird, z people shot C bird. x1 people shot both A & B bird, y1 people shot B & C bird. How many shot all the 3 birds.
    1. 0
    2. 1
    3. 2
    4. 3 one more qutn based on this.
  2. if $ is 1 and ⚹ is 0 thn avg (16,18, 32) (5 − q based on this it was vry vry easy …)
  3. thr was 1 problm frm time n distance
  4. profit n loss (1 − q)

Attention Section

5Q on data sufficiency

4Q on decision making

6Q like if + means/, /means-, ⚹ means + , means ⚹ and problems based on tht is was very easy.

the cut off was very high so only 107 got thrugh frm 400

Thr was short essay on “my college life” for 10min (it is nt evaluated in written. Only in hr thy ll ask u Qts on tht.) .


our topic was “is Indian population a boon or a bane” Try to grab the opportunity n speak smethng evnthough its wrong. Sme more topics were like IPL, blue or pink, fee hike in IIM, love marriage vs arranged marriage. Its a major elimination round.

HR Round

It was like a stress interview …

  1. Family background
  2. Why Accenture
  3. R u ready for service agreement
  4. Being a EC student why shld i hire u
  5. Wht outsourcing n business n management
  6. Name the person who cmes in the Accenture add (ans: Tigerwoods)
  7. She gave sme situations n asked wht would u do in tht suituation. Thr was elimination in HR also.

Technical Section

It was 10: 30 in nyt whn i attend my technical. Initially thr was sme hr Qts

HR: u r passionate abt which sub?

ME: Analog Communication (as I՚m EC student)

HR: Can u tell me sme thng abt AC?

ME: Explaind …

HR: Can u tell me hw the mobile works?

ME: Answerd well________

HR: Logic design basic Qts n 8085 arch.

Just be prepared for basics …

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