Placement Papers: Accenture Paper Jaipur

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Here Four Sections:

  1. Aptitude test (3 sections)
  2. GD
  3. HR
  4. Technical Interview Aptitude consists of three sections:
    1. English
    2. mathematics
    3. logical reasoning

English part was the easiest one. It started with 5 questions on articles, 5 on fill in the appropriate word, two passages (one on SQL and the other on DBMS) , a bit confusing and time consuming. (one of them is already in previous papers) . Synonyms.

Mathematics was quite easier for me (as I was preparing since MBT) ? Make sure that u do all the questions from venn diagrams, symbol questions like-if ⚹= + , symbolizes/? and so on. One question on direction sense.

Verbal-it included the following: which of the following are similar-345678,345678, 346875etc. Passage questions (puzzle type) .

Remember that the test was easy, what matters is time management and amount of right answers as the cutt-off is very high everytime.

In GD they were asking the following topics:

Can India be a world power

Black or white

shahrukh vs amitabh


some viad ones like mother or father

It industry

just be in touch with the news n try to keep ur sense of creativity with u. They also check ur presence of mind.

My GD was very good. Two of my friends were in a same group n that too just in front of the panel. At the end she said that we were excellent and superb. This made us even more confident.

In HR I was asked general questions? for the first time I was very comfortable. The most interesting thing was when the panel asked me to tell him the thing for which I am recognized, I could recollect only that I can make sounds of different things like dog? s bark, vendor? s way of selling etc etc? He asked me to show something, I said that I would be very loud, he said its fine? so I actually barked there (he was just checking confidence) . Then he started filling my entries and said that I am writing here that u? can bark? in ur qualities. After some more questions, my Hr was over. When I went outside, I noticed that? final rounding? was written on it.


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