Placement Papers: Accenture Paper Pattern V

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In GD there is no as such pattern. Whatever comes into the mind of interviewer would be the topic. The gd selection is based upon three things

1 how you communicate with others members

2 how valid your points are!

3 how you show ur leadership skills.

frainklly i just validate my points and there is no cross questioning from interviewer otherwise if cannot validate ur point ur cannot vclear gd. Only speaking more in gd doesnot conform your seletion. But if donot speak then it is sure that you would be out of gd.

from our batch 10 out of 12 were selected in gd.


I think accenture teh interview is the easiest interview. Moreover they also ask your favourite subject and check you in that subject in depth.

but one or two programs were certainly be there. i have asked to write two programs

1 operator overloading

2 virtual function

i told my favourite subject c ++ . And the accenture man checked my complete knowledge means a to z of lafore.


Hr interview is formaility.

Only one question has been ask from me. And then the interviewer will told u all the conditions and service agrement. โงต

The main thing for selection is CONFIDENCE.

If u lose confidence u cannot be selected

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