Placement Papers: Accenture Paper at Lucknow

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  1. GD the topics were very simple and they were looking for people who are good at english and can speak well (this i confirmed with an employee of accenture who was taking the interview, after my selection) . The topics were like
    1. should india host the olympics.
    2. state of women 100.
    3. should there be dress codes in college
    4. indian economy.

    And many of those simple topics________very simple just a cake walk …

  2. Technical interview it was a 15 minutes session. Questions were like:
    1. favourite subject________operating system
    2. OS structure
    3. paging and segmentation
    4. TLB
    5. semaphores.
    6. Mutual exclusion
    7. critical section.
    8. simple queries from DBMS
    9. c, c ++ and java.
    10. projects
  3. HR interview

really very very simple________

he is just goin to check your confidence

and your communication________

thats it

the only thing that you need to look out for is to go through the company profile ________

its works

its services

and these general things

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