Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern 12 Apr 2008 Hyderabad

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Coming to the written test it consists of 55 questions and time limit is 60minutes

Written test was conducted by MERIT TRAC people. THERE IS NO NEGATIVE MARKING

Written test consists of 3 sections

  1. English 20q It consists of articles, prepositions and synonyms, and 2 paragraphs (1 essay on SQL SERVER and another on features of SQL)
  2. Reasoning 25q It consists of around 5 − 7 questions on the Venn diagrams And 5 questions on the binary conversion 2 questions on the blood relations and 5 questions on the data sufficiency 3 questions on the combination of blood relations and seating arrangements (like puzzle)
  3. Attention details 10q In this around 3 questions are like this below
    1. if all are the 1,2, 3 are alike
    2. if 1&2 are alike
    3. if 1 & 3 are alike
    4. None

Answer is A.

And another 4 questions on the arithmetic conversion like ⚹ is represented as + , is represented as + , like that

And 3 questions on puzzle type.

Here he gave some conditions according to that conditions we have to make arrangements

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