Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 01 Sept 2007 Delhi

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It has conducted written test 1 month ago and selected 173 students out of 900 (approx) . Written consists of quant, english, passge. Qstions were repeated so dn ′ t 4get to do the previous papers and gave essay to write … So it gave us enuf time

To prepare for the interview. We have to reprt at 7.30. Dere were 3 guys came from Banglore for process. Firstly ppt took place and dey told everything about the company. Even they held a small quiz and gave choclates to candidates who gave the right answers.

after the ppt. First round was GD round. Dey form batches of 12 students each. The topic for my gd was “can india become superpower in 2020” 5 out of 12 students were selcted frm my batch and luckily i was among dem. Other batches topics were

“shoud rahul dravid b d captain of indian team” and “should sachin deserve to be be in the team”

. Remeber just dn ‘t sit blank dere and make eye contact wid everyone and listen to others also. Dn’ t make a fish market and its better if u initiate. Dat will highlight you. Else say some strong points in between …

After gd was over technical round took place.

some of the Tech qstions are: ________

  1. What is virtual reality
  2. What is polymorphism
  3. Define normalisation. 1st , 2 and 3 normal form
  4. Primary key, foreign key
  5. What is redundancy
  6. What are 4 generation languages
  7. What are cursors
  8. What is white box and black box testing
  9. What is alpha and beta testing
  10. What is scheduling I answered all the qstions except 1st … And after 5 mint my name was dere in list of cleared candidates den hr round took place …
    • firstly I was told to introduce myself
    • den what i do in pass time …
    • Why i dropped 1 year (should have solid reason)
    • gave a situation dat if i have a conflict between my teammate what will i do.
    • what are long term plans
    • asked about parents
    • and lastly dey asked whether i can sign bong and dn ′ t have any problem in relocation________

After 3 hrs d result announced

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