Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 05 Apr 2008 Noida

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  1. Verbal-20 questions
  2. Quantitative-20 questions
  3. Analytical-15 questions It was a 1 hr paper with sectional cutoffs and no negative marking. So, devote ur time properly on each section. Analytical section was very easy. Try to attend it first. In verbal, there were two comprehensions. They were little bit difficult. First read questions and then comprehension. Correct use of prepositions and articles were there. I would advice u to go through verbal ability book of any MBA coaching. Quantitative section was a little bit difficult. Mostly questions were from venn diagram applications, trains, distance and time, time and work, etc.

Group Discussion

Next round was Group Discussion. Some of GD topics were as follows:

  1. Impact of American elections on India
  2. Single-party multiple party system
  3. Media crossing limits
  4. Alcohol or cigarette-which would u prefer?
  5. Domestic companies and multi-national companies
  7. Reservation
  8. Status of women in India
  9. Sex education
  10. Education system of India
  11. Impact of IT on India
  12. Casteless society-possibility or myth?

Other topics can be on inflation, economy of India and comparison it with China, and recent events. Results re announced hand to hand on ur face. There is no limit, they can take any no. Of students from a group. Then students were divided, some had their technical first, while others had their HR first. My first interview was technical. Since my CGPA is good, he was impressed. Prepare well Project details and viva because their main emphasis is on Projects. Since I had Grade A in Financial Management and Digital Electronics, he asked some questions from these subjects. Then he asked me to wait outside:

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