Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 07 Sept 2007 Indore

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The written had 3 section and they were the same as previoius papers so do go through as many papers u can. And wat i did was i went thru this site that was all and i got all wat i needed. So check everything here.


first and the topic i had was “Should religion be brought in Education” … Some other topics were “Cricket or hockey which shud be national game” … “E-Learning Vs. Conventional Learning” The GD was a round where they notice u alot so be confident. Be alert and active … All u need is a bit of fluent English and confidence … Talk the right thing and jus do enough so that u come in notice that shud do it. Jus be confident and fluent. Thats wat i found the key point … We were 12 ppl put of which only 3 got thru including ME!


I had my techincal firsrt and since I am from Computers branch. He aked me alot frm my subjects … Like … Data communication (OSI) … Software Engg (SDLC) … Techincal was for real and it was good … He made a Binary unsorted tree on paper and asked me to sort it with the whole procedure … Then after that he wrote a matrix 3 × 3 ka contaning 123456789 and asked me to write the transpose of it. i was happy at the simple Ques. But jus as i wrote it he said. Now write a C code to do the same … But fortunately i was able to do it … So have some practicle and clear approach. Thats wat they notice. Ur approach to a problem … He also asked abt OOPs concepts and its main points … Then abt project and also if u have like a bit less % in ur 10th or 12th . Then be prepared to make up for it. i had 69 % in 12th and 60 % in 10th so he siad “why so less in 10 12” … i said Sir i was young and not focused … But with time i realised the importance of education and responsibilties and so started improving myself … And so on …


he asked abt me. My background. If i am ok with any terms and services________ and he asked me abt any year gap. Well ppl i have a Year back in my career after 2nd yr. So i told him yes i do and gave a valid reason for it too … And it did it all. Before i was worried that a year gap mite lessen my chances. But Accenture still took me means. Its ur personality and knowledge that matters and not marks. Provided u staisfy them. And yes after the back my marks always went higher and i have a 70.4 % degree in hand now! … Anyways don worry abt gaps and be confided!

Well after 5000 ppl apearing. Hardly 80 go selected and I am one of them.

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