Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 08 Mar 2008 New Delhi

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The test consisted of 55 ques to be done in 60 mins. It had three sections i.e.. , Verbal ability, logical reasoning, and mathematical ability. All the questions were very easy. U just need to have gud speed to clear the exam. There was no-ve marking. So attempt all questions. The paper was very easy. After 1 hour got completed, we were given a topic on which we had write an essay of approx 100 − 150 words in 10 mins. The topic of essay was “IMPACT OF IT ON INDIA” Beware this essay may be evaluated in ur HR interview. Try to write it in good handwriting. After 1 hour or so result was announced. 122 students out of 244 got selected and immediately after that we were divided in groups and sent for gd.


Well I must tell u tht I didn՚t had a GD, I had a kind of extempore instead. All of us were given a topic on which we had to speak for 1 min. Then after all hv completed speakin we were told to contradict others or to give a conclusion. Our topic was “Impact of Cell phones-Good or Bad”

Other topics were “Microsoft taking over google” “Products, Services and Outsourcing companies” 7 students out of 13 got selected in our group.

A total of 80 students out of 122 cleared the gd.


After waiting for around 1.5 hours I got the chance to appear for interview. In this round I was asked technical as well as hr. The person was really a nice and cool dude. I was asked to talk abt myself for a min. And after that he asked ques on my ans. Some very basic questions were asked regarding C ++ . They also asked about hw much I knew abt the company etc. They just checked our confidence level. Just after the interview I was told that I got through with the tech round.


This was the last round and I had to wait for around 4.5 hours to appesr in it. It was quite easy as the interviewer was the same person who was there in our g. d. He was very cool and calm.

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