Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 12 Aug 2007

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Well accenture procedure consists of 4 rounds: WRITTEN, GROUP DISCUSSION, TECHNICAL INTERVIEW AND FINALLY HR. The main problem is that there in take of students is very less dey need perfectionists and ppl who are confident and have good control over English. Around 4000 students appeared in pool campus and only 80 gt finally selected … So u ve to b at ur best.


  1. prepositions-for dis u need to know d basic concepts
  2. synonyms-no need to study dis words are very basic 4 options are given and u have to choose d rite option
  3. articles-again go through the basic concepts from wren n martin
  4. 2 passages very very easy dont wory at all.

2nd section and 3rd section: In dis scetion dere were questions from ₹ agarwal verbal and non verbal do practice following things: Venn diagram based questions, syllogism, data sufficiency, decision making, blood realtions and mathematical operations all dese chapters r given in ₹ agarwal________ no need to practice quants … As dey r nt asked directly bt can b askd in data sufficiency questions … Our result was declared on website and after 1 and a half week we had our remainig rounds


den we went 4 GD in batches of 12 students dere were around 27 batches. My topic was MEDIA IS UNNECESSARILY HYPING INDIAN CRICKET. u ve to be LOUD, CLEAR, NOT SO BAD ENGLISH AND PUT UP SENSIBLE POINTS … Some maam took our gd she was very strict i spoke in d beginning and she marked me and den i dint open my mouth except at last. She even gt angry wid us and warned us to be careful else she wil dismiss d whole group. Bt finally 3 gt selected 4om 12________ Other topics wich i remember were EDUCATION Vs EXPERIENCE and MBA ABROAD OR IN INDIA donno abt rest of d topics.



Tel me sumthing about urself

She asked everything from my cv her nxt ques was about my hobby wich is dancing

Explain your project I explained her dont stp or give her time to ask ane questions

What is normalization with all its types

She asked me that why I have chosen bangalore as my first priority how wil I manage myself

Finally she asked me to desgn a database for a project hotel management dont panic jst do ur best

Finally she asked if I have any query I can ask her

in next 1 min my result was out and i was selected in tech and now my hr was on next day.


Gud morning ISHA so u had ur breakfast …

Ok so what ur father do?

Tel me about accenture________ I Told him den he said ok according to u accenture is a mnc and etc etc but what we actually do?

I Told him that they have technologies bpo՚s and consultancy.

He asked me to explain all three …

His nxt ques was y I should hire u?

I Said accenture is lookin 4 ppl who are confident and hard workin and I believe dat sky is d limit 4 each one of us we jst need to put in our hard work combined wid smatrness and we can achieve anything in life … He seemed quiet impressed________

Den he asked how many comanies I have faced earlier and do I have any other offer letter?

How many students 4om my college have been slected in accenture and do They have nay other offer letters?

Den he asked me whether m ready to work on technologies and ready to sign d bond? I Obviously said yes …

finally after 3 hours our result was declared.

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