Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 18 Aug 2007 Ghaziabad

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There were mainly 4 rounds in accenture՚s off campus recruitment procedure.

  1. Written aptitude test
  2. Group discussion
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview On 18th august there was a written exam at KIET Gaziabad, there were approx 8500 students from various collages who gave the written test. Students were divided in 2 slots and written test was held 4 two days.

Aptitude Test

In this aptitude test there were questions from

  1. English comprehension (2 paragraphs related to IT)
  2. simple word meanings (2 or 3)
  3. Fill in the blank with articles and other grammatical stuff … (5)
  4. Simple mathematical questions like age, time, and binary conversions.
  5. Puzzle questions (1 problem and 5 to 6 questions on that puzzle)
  6. Sets (Venn diagrams) questions (1 problem and 5 to 6 questions on that) .
  7. Essay writing (Topic: IT impact in India)

GD Topics

Out of so many students they selected only about 1600 students. Again these students were divided into 2 slots and we were given Date for rest of the rounds as 1st sep, 1st round was GD round in which students were divided into batches. And every batch had 12 students. Topic for my GD was IMPACT OF MOVIES ON YOUTH. It was a warm discussion!

From my group those who spoke well got selected. There were 6 students who cleared GD round from my group including me.

Few other topics that were given to other groups were________

  1. Nuclear deal
  2. IT impact in India
  3. Is China՚s economy is affecting India
  4. Sex education in institutes (should it be there or not?) They usually give current affairs topic. GD was over at 11 am at 1 o clock I was called for tech interview.

Technical Interview

There were 17 panels and mine was panel no 1 and He was really friendly and asked me very simple questions as …

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Why did ur % fell from 82 % ( 10th ) and 83 % ( 12th ) to 69 % (B. Tech) ?
  3. Do u know anything about JAVA?
  4. What about C?
  5. What is Inheritance?
  6. What are pointers?
  7. And other simple basic questions.
  8. What do u think, hw well u have performed in this interview?
  9. Do u think we shud select u?
  10. Do u have any problem in relocation (He asked 4 Madras) ?
  11. Any questions that u wud like to ask me? It was fun! It was more of HR then tech.


The interviewer then asked me to wait outside the cabin and just after 3 to 4 min a volunteer came and told me that I have been selected 4 the HR round. At around 3: 30 my turn for HR round came … He was also toooooo friendly________

Questions that he asked

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Tell me about ur family?
  3. Why do u want to join accenture and why not other IT firms?
  4. Which are the companies that u would love to join other than accenture?
  5. What do u known about those companies?
  6. “we know what it takes to be a tiger” in this punch line of accenture what is the link between “tiger” and “High performance delivered”
  7. What is Best?
  8. What do u mean by Success?
  9. Who is ur role model and why?
  10. Why should we hire u?
  11. Why communication skills are needed when u r joining a firm?
  12. and may be few more questions …

again I was asked to wait outside for 5 min, and then a volunteer announced the biggest achievement of my life! I was the happiest person on this earth when he said u r SELECTED! Finally at the end after such long procedure 400 (approx) students got selected.

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