Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 19 Aug 2007

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  1. Written Test round (Aptitude + Logical reasoning + English (verbal) + focus on the shorter ones to clear first and then the composition) that is plan n give the paper. As for us it was composed of 54 questions most of them were really easy and the remaining few were also easy but a bit time consuming focus on topics like (Venn Diagram, Coding and Decoding and English section) Some questions which I remember are like:
    1. $ represents 1 and ⚹ represents 0 in some code and using that if we want to write 3 we can write it as $ $ and for 4 we can use $ ⚹⚹ and so all nearly five questions from the same pattern!
    2. Few questions from the Venn diagram (5 questions)
    3. Sitting arrangement
    4. Simple English and comprehension (comprehensions on computer science topics like IBM OS) and second one on process and multi processing (nt exactly remember the second one but it was related to multiprocessing) .

    Once the written exam was finished it was all panic situation although I was confident about clearing the round but finally the result was declared and I was shortlisted along with 1600 other students and it was a great no. Of rejections keeping in mind the total no. Of 8000 students from our college their were 119 students shortlisted so it was a great number of students from a single college.

  2. GROUP DISCUSSION: This is the main round (Rejection The Maximum) in which all students are short listed to the pick best ones. For the GD We were divided into groups of 15. In my group, and all of them looked confident when I looked at them as we were there in the room. The moderator said he will select on the basis of communications skills, flow of the thought, and audibility of voice and the most important of all Grammar. Topics given to other students along with our groups were spontaneous like “Women Hockey” “Black And White” “Is China a Threat to India in IT” After our topic was told to us he told us to think for a minute as he told the topic I was really confident so I decided to become the moderator and so I started speaking for the topics but after speaking some key points it was like panic and every one latched on the topic and it became a horrible situation so then we were slowly and gradually asked to put our views individually, After that the result came there were four students shortlisted from our group of students two of them were my classmates and one student of my college engg branch I exactly don՚t remember which one, So the key point u need to keep in mind when u are in the GD is that don՚t u look at the HR just look at urs subordinates while u speak, be attentive and try to be initiator or concluder if u think u can speak all relevant points and that՚s work done, After this round nearly 350 students (approx) were left from the first slot of 1000 students and then it was the turn of the Technical and the hr round!
  3. HR INTERVIEW: This Interview was purely HR taken by a lady HR. And it Is better to take a chill pill and remain calm n it is really cool round so don՚t worry and it would be cleared if u spoke to her confidently Sample Questions:
    1. Introduce urself.
    2. Top 3 IT companies in India
    3. Why accenture?
    4. Ur hobbie
  4. About the Gap which I had in my academics
  5. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: This Interview is a bit of works just need to have a good knowledge of basics of programming, databases (SQL) , OS (unix) only few questions put and asked to make programs like (sorting a Tree, use of recursion, Data Structures, maintaining the bill of the departmental store, and string handling and few others) just brush up ur programming they would ask u to make a single program (for CS and MCA) and once u have written that its job done.

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