Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 2007

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Accenture came to our campus on 4th Aug 2007 (to N. I. T. Rourkela) . During the PPT itself they made it quite clear that they were going to take a gud number of students this time as well. PPT was quite good and also they conducted a small quiz based on that PPT.

Then the written round … Questions were very simple. Merit Trac guys conducted it. Out of 55 and i think the cut off was 35 or 30

Soon after the written test, they asked us to stay back in the classes and wait for results. Room by room they collected the papers and went for checking … Then after 10 min or so. They came out with the results for the 1st room students … Thereafter they took us for G. D.

About 16 students from my room were there for GD. They divided us into two and asked us to suggest some topics. Then, they finally chose ‘Global Terrorism’ They gave everybody some time to speak out their points. Other GD topics are: ‘microprocessors’ ‘modren farming techniques’

It went for about 15 minutes … Side by side … Results of other students were getting out and were goin for GD. SInce ours was the 1st ones … We got our GD results within 5 − 10 minutes. They took about 8 − 9 of us from a total of 16.

Then they handed us a form of Accenture to fill up and asked us to come for interview within half an hour.

Ours was firstly Technical Interview. He asked me to justify my other technical skills. Then questions based on C/C ++ , difference between them, some syntaxes here and there. Then what is OOP.

Then after about 2 hours I was send for my HR interview.

The lady asked me usual questions like.

What do u know about Accenture.

why software …

tell me something about urself.

what initiatives u hv taken in last few months________ then she asked me questions from a form like … Wud u mind if we relocate u in any city of india n so on …

Finally, the results were out by 8 p. m. A total of 96 students got placed … We were handed over our offer letters and a T-Shirt …

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