Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 23 May 2008

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There were FOUR rounds in all:

  1. Written test: The written test was conducted by MERITRACK, so go through their papers. Many questions were repeated. It had THREE sections and consisted of 55 questions in all. The written test was damn easy. The 3 sections were: VERBAL: There were 20 questions in this section. 5 questions on reading comprehension, 5 on sentence completion, 5 synonyms and 5 anatonyms … The questions were simple and no need of going through any GRE books for this section … APTITUDE: 20 questions. I believe R. S. Aggarwal is more than enough for this section. Questions were asked on ratio and proportion, percentage, profit and loss, sequence completion, venn diagrams, and questions like:⚹ means + , /means ⚹ , + means-and-means/; Then whats the value of ⚹ 1 + 10 − 8 LOGICAL REASONING: There were 15 questions in this section. This section also was simple, questions were blindly picked from R. S. Aggarwal. There was no negative marking. Around 625 candidates attended the written test and 255 were shortlisted.
  2. Group Discussion: There were 12 members in our group. The topic given to us was: Should Hockey still be the national game of India. 6 of us were shortlisted. Some of the topics given to other groups were:
    • GD is a waste of time.
    • Usage of IT.
    • Effect of cinema on youth. Etc …

    Totally, around 130 of us were shortlisted for the next round. After this round, we were given a form to fill. Fill the form clearly, coz based on the details u fill, the questions will be posed in the interviews. Remember, people having year gaps have very less chances to be selected. They almost selected none who had year gaps.

  3. Technical Interview: The interviewer was a very cool guy. Mainly he asked me about my project. So be thorough with your project. They may go deep into your project. Be ready with your project. They need a clearcut description about your project. Database used, type of connection used, problems faced while developing the project and connections and so on________ He didnt ask me much technical questions. Some of the questions were: Explain Binary search, normalization, paging, swapping and a few small querries … Right after my technical round, I was taken for the HR round, people who didnt get through technical round were told on the spot.
  4. HR interview: The lady who took my HR interview was not so friendly. Some of the questions she asked me were:
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Are you happy to be shortlisted to the final round (I said ofcourse I am, and today՚s my b ‘day and this is the first interview of my life, so this added to my happiness. She wished me for my b’ day) ?
    • Why did you score less marks in your 12th standard?
    • Asked me why wasnt I selected in the first 3 companies that visited our college (I told that I wasnt eligible to attend any of those three interviews) .
    • Do you have any year gap in your academics?
    • Achievements, strengths, weakness.
    • Extracurricular activities.
    • Why Accenture?
    • Willingness to work in any region in India.

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