Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 25 Aug 2007 Lucknow

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Accenture placement process consists of 4 rounds.

  1. . Written Test (with an essay)
  2. . Group Discussion
  3. . PPT 4 gd cleared.
  4. . HR/Technical interview

HR and Technical Interview

  1. WRITTEN TEST: It comprised of 55 questions each of 1 mark … The paper, designed by Merittrac, was categorised into 3 sections. Although, there is no sectional cut-off. The cut-off went about 34 marks. The three sections were:
    1. General English It included simple questions on articles, prepositions etc … Nd 2 comprehensions (2 Technical passages here)
    2. Quantitave + Reasoning questions It consisted of basic probability, blood relations, position (standing 4th from left …) etc. Type questions.
    3. Concentration questions

    Questions like match the the mathematical figures given, ⚹ is replaced by/like questions. 5 questions were based upon finding out whether a person will be selected 4 this job depending upon certain prerequisites.

    So, if plan ur time nd concentrate well, u can clear the written. After our written test, they told us to write an essay on “career in accenture” I just explained what are the core values of this company nd why a fresher like me should prefer joining accenture.

  2. GROUP DISCUSSION: We were divided into groups of 12. In my group, 11were boys and one girl. The moderator said he will select on the basis of comm skills, thought process, nd audibility of voice. In the beginning he told us to jot down points in favour nd against for the topic. It was tough and topic which we got was IT industry in 2016. In our group 6 were selected of which 5 gotinto accenture.
  3. HR/TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: My first interview happened 2 be a Technical one. I was asked 2 questions regarding C (since I m frm ECE) … He asked me to explain C ++ and then went on to ask about my prefinal year project. He was impressed with my pre final year project and then asked about my family background, and________My Interview almost got to be an HR. The result was declared by the coordinator who wished me all the best and asked me to wait for second interview. HR/TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: The interview started as an HR but as the HR lady was of EC background she asked me about Stack Pointers, Diode, opamp Stack and Queues. I almost answeed them correctly. She was impressed with my answers but asked me why my marks have decreased since class 10th . I gave her my answer confidently that since 10th i have been concentrating on subjects other than my subject as well. Then she asked me to wait for the Results. Come Qusetions Asked in both interviews Were:
    1. Introduce urself.
    2. Family background.
    3. Why i hire U.
    4. Why accenture?
    5. Ur hobbies
    6. Why u prefer Hyderabad.

Interviews lasted for 15 minutes each. The Final result was declared

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