Placement Papers: Accenture Pattern Interview 26 Feb 2008

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Aptitude round: It was very easy, nd was conducted by people 4m MERIT TRAC. Max Qns were of Profit n Loss. Some were of type if/stands for ⚹ , + stands for-and so on:

English part was extremely easy. In all there were 55 Qns that were 2 b done in 60 min. Also there was an essay which has to be written in 10 min and the topic was given after completion of the apti. My topic was “Education sytem in India” Apti՚s result was out on the same day n rest of the rounds took place on 5th .

GD round: Students were divided in the groups of 12 each. It was a tough round. Topics were easy but the elimination was of about 40 % . They were mainly concerned about the communication skills. Some of the topics were Budget-2008, should Cricket be made National Game of India, Red, Economy of India, Will India b superpower by 2020, …

Technical and HR interviews: My interviews took place around 11 in night. Firstly I gone through the HR round. My HR was very gud. There were very easy questions like, Tell me about urself which is nt dere in CV, who is ur ideal n why? Which book u read recently n what did u learn, ny problem in relocation. Thankfully I was selected n then appeared 4 Tech. It was a bit tough round but was very easy in my case. As that person was bit impressed vd my academics. He asked me 2 − 3 simple Questions of sorting, Pointers, n rDBMS. Interviews continued on the 6th also.

Finally the results were out on 6th at 10 in the night. Luckily I was dere in the 114 selected students. Friends believe me its easy just be confident, n prepare well 4 the GD n Tech rounds.

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