Placement Papers: Accenture Placement Paper Held on 12th July 2006

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Group Discussion:

GD Topics were

  1. Should Alcohol be banned or not?
  2. IT is enabler (BOON) or not (my topic) ?
  3. Is Salman Khan՚s Bail is Justifiable?
  4. Communism & Economy Reform.
  5. CPM՚s Role in Privatization.
  6. Foreign TV channels should be banned in INDIA or not? There are approx. Of 12 − 15 members in each group & particularly they check you Communication skills, Leadership Qualities etc. Basic funda is to say as much as you know about the topic but don՚t bluff to much, it may the resaon for your elimination. Technical:
    1. Tell me about yourself?
    2. What is a ROM, what is contains?
    3. What SDLC model?
    4. What is advantage of using pointer?

    4. What is Virtual functios?

    6. What are the diffeernt management techniques?

    7. What are the difference between Structure & Class?

    8. What is OSI & TCP/IP layers, differentiate them?

    9. What is indexing?

    10. What is Normalisation? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF?

    11. What is virtual pointer?

    12. Have you done any project so far (Please mention project only in you have done it properly) ?

    HR Section:

    1. Tell me about yourself?
    2. Why would like to join ACCENTURE?
    3. How can you help us?
    4. Relocation for you is possible or not?
    5. You are from (Physics/math/Chem) background then why did you join MCA?
    6. Do you have any gap in your studies if yes state reason?

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