Placement Papers: Accenture Placement Paper Pattern Held on 5th August 2006 at Cochin

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Accenture conducted a recruitment for 2006 B. E/B. Tech/MCA at Cochin on /2006.

Recruitment process consisted of

  1. aptitude test
  2. GD
  3. HR interview
  4. Tech interview


Written Test Consist of 55 question to be answered in 1 Hr. &

5 minutes for a short ESSAY on a given topic. The topic for my batch was impact of modernization in India.

Written Test consist of Three Section:

  1. Verbal 20 Questions
  2. Aptitude 20 Questions
  3. Analytical 15 Questions


It consisted of question like fill in the blanks using correct prepositions: 3 − 4 question eg: india about 73 percentege-the population live-rural areas. Ans: In, of in

fill in the blanks using given ARTICLE: 3 − 4 ques 2 − 3 question from synonyms Two passage were given one on SQL language & another on DBMS-easy

Verbal Section

2 question like There are 100 students, 76 passed in physics, 74 in maths, 10 failed in both, then how many passed in both? -nos not exact 3 question on set theory like there are 50 people, 20 like football + cricket, 10 like tennis + cricket, 35 like cricket + football. Than how many like only football, cricket, tennis.

1 on coding: Eg in a message abc hyu jiu means “pam love money” der ghj jiu means “martha spend money” -type

1 ques on green means blue, blue means red, red means black, lack means violet then what is the color of a parrot.

4 − 5 ques on seating arrangement-linear arrangement

like 1 a. c, 2 tv, 3 microwave owens, 4 refrigerators are to be arranged

2 tv should b placed together

a. c and refrigerator cannot be adjacent to each other

if tv is in 2nd pos, a. c in 3& 5 pos, where to place refrigerators etc.

5 question on

2 statements given:

statements 1 & 2 alone required.

statement 1 alone required

statement 2 alone required.

both needed-that type

Analytical Section

easy one 5-question on decision making

3 or 4-question on selecting the look alike 800.2352 800.2352 800.2322 800.2532 123.352 123.325 123.532 568.532 very easy-but concentrate hard.

question like (+ rep-, /rep-, ⚹ rep/, rep +) than what will be the value of ⚹ 6 + 5 − 3

(rep/, ⚹ rep-, /rep + , + rep ⚹) than what will be the value of

(⚹ rep/, + rep-, /rep ⚹ , rep +) than what will be the value of

(/rep ⚹ , ⚹ rep/, rep + , + rep-) than what will be the value of

total of 5 such questions:

here also be careful

it is very easy

For ESSAY: 5 MINUTES after 1 hour was allowed

This essay is just to check your writing ability.

The exam was conducted in different batches.

for g. d they short listed a large no of people.

for eg they short listed 20 for GD from 48 from the hall I was took the test-these nos are correct


each group 15 people. From my group only 3 got selected for the H. R interview

from all groups they selected 3 maximum 4-thats what people who took the tests earlier that day told.

GD Topic for my group was Is GD necessary for selection process?

don՚t fight, but you have to dominate the group say as much as you know about the topic just saying something wont do. I was eliminated in the G. D round So don՚t know about interviews

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