Placement Papers: Accenture Placement Paper Pattern Held on 7th April 2007 at Noida

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Round 1: Non Technical Written (55 ques 60 mins)

There is no point telling u the questions bcz it was conducted by some private placement consultancy but basically this is how it was.

  1. Aptitude: Damn easy. Hd abt 20 ques. Very easy is d word. Keep d speed. Leave d question d moment u feel u want b able to do it. Just attempt what u know and be confident
  2. English: Again very simple. 2 passages. 1 ws on US shrimp imports. This was a bit tough to comprehend. d 2nd one was on ATM՚s. Very easy
  3. Reasoning: Simple question of + replaced wid/, wid ⚹ then compute d value of say 2 + 3 − 7 = ⚹ 7. Bt remember that there were these 3 question where u were suppose to find d correct option out of 4 2 + 5 ⚹ 6 etc. Dnt attempt it. It will b a waste of tym. Jst choose 1 option and tick it blankly
  4. 4 probability question. Easy ones as i was told. i cdnt solve them make sure u have speed + accuracy. d cutoff was abt 45 correct attempts. don՚t go haywire ticking d same option in a line. It want help

Round 2: GD

my topic ws “is foreign education necessary fr success” Thr were 10 ppl nd i ws d only 1 against d topic. If u do so mk sure u hv d capability to defend urself. 3 out of 10 wr selected bcz there was too much of pandemonium. In 1 group all 10 were selected bcz dey all spoke 1 by one

Round 3: HR interview

well. 1. Plz do d talkin and do it properly. a lady interviewed me. b at ur comfort. i was asked about myself. i did not answer likely d usual dt these r my strenghts nd weaknesses etc. She was impressed. Again go unconventional only if u have a power to defend it. It lasted abt 15 mins. Almost 80 % of d ppl who appeared were through u would d HR

Round 4: Technical interview

dis ws d elimination round so i will tell u my ques nd answer as well. My intervies started at 2 in d night and continued from 30 mins approx. There were 2 interviewers (int = interviewer & me = me obviously)

int: So r u exhausted

me: Absoultely sir. Any human wd be at 2 in d morning when u have been all awake since 8 in d morning. Iam sure same goes for u (plz dn lie dt ur all fresh wn its 2 in d morning. Dn lie actually. Dey will c thru u if u do)

int: Oh yes evn im exhausted. Bt evn if its 2 in d morning i expect reasonable answers from u

me: i will give it my best shot sir

int: So wts ur favourite subject?

me: Sir tho i lyk microprocessors bt these days im all gaga ovr artificial intelligence (dis ws a gamble bcz nobody says AI. Ppl say C/C ++ /microprocessor. Bt d gamble worked bcz he was impressed. And plz say only d subject our very thorough wid. Lyk im very comfi wd AI/micro/C/C ++)

int: So wts AI all about

me: i explained all about reasoning and knowledge representation. Hard and soft AI. Dempster sheffer theory nd bayes theorm

int: So can we shift to C and C ++

me: Sure sir

int: What r global and local variables

me: Local variables r only valid within d delimiters within which they r decleared. Global variables are accessbile to all function below which the above which d global varible has been decleared

int: What a macro

me: i explained

int: What a router

me: i explained

int: Hw does a router select d shortest path of communication

me: Its an intelligent device and has a router algorithm in it which selectes d shortest path

int: Wts d difference b/w circuit switching nd packet switching

me: i cdnt recollect so i told him dont i cdnt. He moved on wid a smile

int: Askd me to write a program in assembly langaugue to find d factorial of a number

me: Dts tough. But i did it never the less … He was impressed.

int: Write a program in C to accept names nd roll numbers of students as long as d user wnts

me: d catch here is “as long as d user wants” Initially i did it fr 50 loops … Than he asked me d mistake and i told him its not indefinite. Than he asked me to correct it. i did it using malloc.

int: Is thr anything else u want to ask us

me: Is thr anything i need to do since im from ECE so dt im at par wid cs guys

int: Im impressed. Nice ques. u stdy DBMS/RDBMS/Java nd gt accquainted wid oracle 10g

me: Thanks sir gdnyt

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