Placement Papers: Accenture Sample Paper VII

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ACCENTURE Written Test had three sections (75 mins) .

  1. Quantitative aptitude
  2. Passage 4 Ques
  3. Grammer
  4. C (section I)
  5. C ++ (section II) Prepare solid C also pretty much easy (all were from files, structures, unions, etc) C ++ Prepare thoroughly Derived, template, pointers etc Technical very basic questions?

Personal Interview

  • My family background
  • What was I doing for the last one year (passed out in sep 2004)
  • Why I had not score in my SSC (I had 58.7 %)
  • What r my interests
  • What r my + ve qualities
  • Willing to relocate in chennai

Technical Interview

  1. Introduce urself
  2. competence skills.
  3. tell something abt OOP
  4. did u know something about dbms normalization.
  5. ques abt sql
  6. what is inheritance
  7. What is polymorphism more ques.
  8. Do u have any ques (i asked him about the training period) ?
  9. any more ques (no thanks) ?

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