Placement Papers: Accenture Test at Chandigarh

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I gave the Accenture off-campus on the 8th Sep? 06 at CIET, Chandigarh. That paper is already available on the websites. Cleared that round and my GD & Interview dates were scheduled on 28th Oct 06. The rounds were as follows:

GD: The reporting time was 11 am and it started on time. Application forms were filled and then 12 candidates were called randomly. We were given the topic “Should Chandigarh be made a State or should it remain an Union territory” and for that topic we were told to keep in mind the role of Beurocrats & Politicians. We were given 1 min. To think about the topic and then we had to start. The GD was very quarrelsome and most of the people only discussed about Beurocrats & Politicians, thus deviating from the topic. The GD lasted for about 15 minutes & only 2 of us out of 12 were selected. What I observed was that the examiner was marking how valid points you were making related to the topic. Speaking crap was not required. Other GD topics were mainly related to Current affairs, so be prepared for them.

Technical Interview: This was the hardest part of the procedure. Couple of panels were operating simultaneously, and the person I faced was a really strange fellow, I walked into the room greeted him and he didn? t give me any response. Just made an action to sit down, and then asked me to describe myself. After that he asked me what all subjects I studied in B. Tech. I told him the subjects which I had prepared well; instead he started asking questions from Networking which were as follows:

  1. What is a Router?
  2. What is a Hub, Switch?
  3. In which layers are they implemented?
  4. What are Firewalls and what are their types?
  5. What is LOS?
  6. What is Bus Topology?
  7. What is Switching?
  8. What is Packet switching and Virtual Circuit?
  9. How are packets delivered?
  10. What are Agreement protocols?
  11. What is Aloha?

I had written about a presentation on WIMAX technology, so he asked What is the IEEE specification for it.

Other people encountered various questions on Final Project, C ++ , java, OS, DBMS and Data structures and were asked to write programs as well. I cleared this round and then we waited for couple of hours before we had the HR interview.

HR Interview: The HR round was a formality as only couple of general questions were asked.

But some people were asked Technical questions as well and there were a few candidates whose interview lasted quite long.

In a few minutes the result was announced and I finally made it into the company. I? d like to thank all the people and job-sites that helped me throughout my struggle. I would only tell to all the people to keep trying hard and not to loose faith in themselves. I didn? t get selected in numerous companies before but keep in mind that everyone has his day. So keep trying to give your best efforts … By.

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