Placement Papers: Accenture Written Interview Pattern

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Consists of 4 rounds-all are elimination rounds

  1. Written Test: 3 Sections-60 Ques, 60 Mins. Section 1: 20 questions--Verbal Refer barron՚s GRE-5 ques on reading comprehensions i.e.. passage reading, 5 ques on sentence completion, 5 synonoms, 5 antynoms. Section 2: 20 questions--Aptitude refer ₹ Aggarwal-just refer these chapters profit & loss, percentage, time &work, time & distance, allegation&mixtures, ratio & proportion, average, simplification q. No-76 to 95. that՚s enough! Section 3: 20 questons--Logical reasoning 10ques and analytical reasoning questions 10ques-for analytical refer barron՚s GRE Note: Hi guys/gals! for all the above ques i.e.. , verbal, aptitude and reasoning, u can refer newly arrived monthly magazine s. Chands COMPETITION WORLD ₹ 30/________available in majestic opp. To Saagar Theatre
  2. GD Group Discussion: Any general topic picked topic that i got--do you prefer chatting in office or not! -speak confidentlly for 2 − 3 minutes and make urself heard in a grp of 10 people. Then u can easily get thru!
  3. HR interview: Formal questions such as tell me abt ur self, family background, strengths and weeknesses, about accenture, why should we hire u? where do you want to see urself in next 5 yrs, do u prefer team work or individuality etc.
  4. TECH interview: About ur final sem project and field of interest/favourite subject (C language) Be thorough with ur final sem project. They may go deep into ur project also, be ready to explain it very clearly and confidently, they just need clearcut description of ur project. For me luckily no technical ques, only asked to explain final sem project which i explained it for 20 mins & got selected, but anyhow some of the technical ques in C that u can expect are:
    1. pointer to a function.
    2. pointer to structure.
    3. static variable and difference b/w const char ⚹ p, char const ⚹ p, const char ⚹ const p.
    4. pass by value & reference.
    5. string library functions syntax.
    6. Write a program to compare two strings without using the strcmp function.
    7. Write a program to concatenate two strings.
    8. Write a program to interchange 2 variables without using the third one.
    9. Write programs for String Reversal & Palindrome check.
    10. Write a program to find the Factorial of a number.
    11. Write a program to generate the Fibinocci Series.
    12. searching and sorting alogorithms with complexities.

Sample Test Round

The test was for 1 hr duration with three sections 60 questions in all________no negative marking

  1. Quant: ₹ Agarwal
  2. English: Reading passage, synonyms etc.
  3. Logical Reasoning

The paper was easy and the cut off was very less … i heard it was 25 questions from 60 not confirmed

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